Sustainable Consumption

In order to spread products and services considering environment and society, and meet rising awareness toward environmental preservation among customers, the Yamaha Group discloses examples of environmental consideration initiatives of its products on its website.
The Yamaha Eco-Label is attached to products certified as Yamaha Eco-Products. The aim of the program is to provide customers with environment-related information and facilitate recognition that our products meet the Eco-Products standards when they are selecting an item to purchase.

Yamaha Eco-Products Program

The Yamaha Group launched the Yamaha Eco-Products Program in 2015. This initiative is designed to promote environmentally friendly products by Yamaha through clarifying the standard for environmental efforts.
A Yamaha Eco-Label is affixed to those products meeting our company standards, thus certifying them as Yamaha Eco-Products. Through this process, we aim to provide straightforward information on our environmental efforts and support our customers in the decision-making process when selecting a product.
As of the end of March 2017, the number of certified products exceeded 300 including existed products. Amongst these, 13 newly developed products are affixed with the Yamaha Eco-Label.

[ image ] Yamaha Eco-Label
Yamaha Eco-Label