Personal Information Protection

The Yamaha Group appropriately protects and manages the personal information of its customers in accordance with the Yamaha Personal Information Privacy Policy and the Personal Information Protection Regulations, complying with laws, ordinances and regulations relating to the protection of personal information.
The Yamaha Group manages a system for protection of personal information, its management, and quick response to incidents in order to appropriately handle the important information we have in our custody, such as the personal information of customers using its products and services. In 2004, the Group established the Personal Information Protection Regulations, and appointed an officer to assume overall responsibility for the handling personal information and an officer responsible for managing personal information by each division.
Based on the aforementioned regulations, we have formulated a manual that explains key considerations when handling personal information and have put it into practice. Each year we also conduct education, training and audits for divisions handling personal information. We have also implemented measures to enhance awareness of and make improvements in personal information protection, particularly through the training of employees.
In 2015, the Information Security Working Group was established under the Risk Management Committee, since then the Working Group manages work related to the promotion of personal information protection such as monitoring operation status and coordinating accident reports.

Status of the Execution of Training Related to Personal Information Management (Yamaha Group)
Training theme Target Place Number of participants
Explanation of revised Personal Information Protection Act Employees Hamamatsu 121
Tokyo 66

Customer Personal Information Service Desk and Handling Status

In compliance with the law, the Yamaha Group has appointed an office to manage the personal information collected from its customers. That office is in charge of managing requests to delete personal data or edit the information stored, as well as managing any claim that a customer may make. In fiscal 2017, one request asking to delete personal information was received and the office responded to that request accordingly. There were no inquiries or claims made.

Initiatives for Customer Information Management

The Yamaha Group promotes the information security management of personal information at a practical level based on an “IT Management Policy” specifying IT management of personal information. In fiscal 2017, we endeavored to improve security by providing an auto-encryption feature for the storage of personal information.
In the unlikely case of an information leakage, the system is structured so that only authorized personnel can view or use the personal information.
Meanwhile, an incident arose in fiscal 2017 concerning a loss of a laptop computer which stored customer information. Yamaha directly reported the loss and apologized to approximately 370 affected customers. We also disclosed the event on our website. We have been unable to confirm the specific problems experienced by customers as a result. To prevent recurrence, we promoted employee awareness of the problem, and ensured PC encryption measures were taken.