Personal Information Protection

The protection of personal information is an important social responsibility.
The Yamaha Group complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and has developed a Privacy Policy and internal regulations regarding personal information protection in order to appropriately handle the important information we have in our custody, such as the personal information of customers using its products and services. These regulations are revised as needed based on revisions of laws and societal trends. Based on these regulations, we have developed a manual that explains key considerations when handling personal information and have put it into practice.

In addition, the Yamaha Group has established a position responsible for supervising the handling of personal information in the Group as well as a position responsible for managing such information in each division. The Group has established a system to respond quickly during incidents such as information leaks.

We established an information security working group under the Risk Management Committee which has considered measures to improve operations, collected reports regarding incidents, and conducted monitoring of compliance to regulations regarding personal information protection. In fiscal 2018, the Group confirmed the storage and handling status of Group Companies which hold large amounts of personal information. The Group identified issues requiring improvement and promoted a response. We continued making improvements in fiscal 2019 and improved the precision with which personal information held by domestic Group Companies is managed. We also formulated new Group Personal Information Protection Standards for Group Companies in Japan and internationally which became effective as of April 2019.

Training and Education Regarding Personal Information Protection

We are strengthening efforts to enhance and round out awareness of employees by conducting personal information protection training, education and audits for divisions handling personal information.

Customer Personal Information Service Desk and Handling Status

In compliance with the law, the Yamaha Group has appointed an office to manage the personal information collected from its customers. The Group will respond to requests from customers or their proxies to disclose, change, delete, or stop usage of customer personal data held by Yamaha.

Initiatives for Customer Information Management

The Yamaha Group promotes the information security management of personal information at a practical level based on “Group IT Management Standards” specifying IT management of personal information. From fiscal 2017, we have provided an auto-encryption feature for the storage of personal information. In the unlikely case of an information leakage, the system is structured so that only authorized personnel can view or use the personal information, improving the security of this system.
Incidentally, there were no large incidents concerning loss of personal information in fiscal 2019.