Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

The Yamaha Group has put forth its corporate philosophy structure, the Yamaha Philosophy, to try to think from the customer's viewpoint, to consistently provide high-quality products and services that exceed the expectations of its customers, and to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world. Our commitment to customers is defined in the element of "Customer Experience."
In their business activities, all the Yamaha Group employees remain constantly aware of the fact that their daily work is connected to the principles expressed in "Customer Experience."

The diagram of the Yamaha Philosophy

[ picture ] The diagram of the Yamaha Philosophy

Collection and Utilization of Customer Input to Improve Customer Satisfaction (VOC Methodology)

The Yamaha Group adopts a voice of the customer (VOC) methodology in which customer input is gathered through questionnaires primarily issued by musical instruments and audio products business organizations and is shared via the Company intranet. In addition, information on inquiries received from customers around the world via telephone or email at domestic and overseas sales companies is collected and regularly communicated to divisions involved in product planning and development.
Input from customers is an invaluable asset that is utilized even after the supply of products and services to determine whether we are effectively delivering the desired value and satisfying customers and to improve customer experiences together with customers.

Intranet site compiling customer input received through questionnaires

Mindset Building for Improving Customer Awareness

The Yamaha Group conducts unique training programs aimed at fostering interest and sensitivity toward customer experiences.
These programs see groups of employees thinking about how customers experience the Yamaha Group products and services based on voice recordings of actual inquiries while interacting with the articles in question. Through the free exchange of opinions, participants become aware of customer sentiments that they could not have imagined on their own and think about what the Yamaha Group employees can accomplish if they unite in their quest to serve customers. In this manner, these training programs help foster a corporate culture of valuing customer experiences.
In addition, monthly posters are displayed in Japanese factories providing feedback from customers around the world with regard to the products manufactured in Japan.
Meanwhile, the Company intranet offers examples of customer input being used to improve products. This information helps improve employees' sensitivity toward quality by making them aware of the discoveries their colleagues have made based on customer input and how they responded to this input.
Through these efforts, our aim is to foster a corporate culture that utilizes a customer-oriented approach and that is committed to earnest engagement with every customer.

Online iteration of the Yamaha Group's unique training programs
Intranet site offering examples of customer input being used to improve products (left)
Poster in Japanese factory (right)

First Place in the Educational Service Industry in JCSI Survey for Fifth Consecutive Year

In fiscal 2021, Yamaha (Yamaha Music School, etc.) won first place in the educational service industry for the fifth consecutive year in the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI) survey. The survey is one of Japan's largest customer satisfaction surveys. In the second iteration of this survey, Yamaha received an exceptionally high evaluation, ranking No. 1 in anticipation felt by consumers toward corporate brand and overall evaluation of quality, both factors that can influence satisfaction, and in recommendations via word-of-mouth, which is the result of satisfaction levels.

First Place in the Network Device Category of Nikkei Computer Customer Satisfaction Survey for Fifth Consecutive Year and First Place in Nikkei Business Publications' Partner Satisfaction Survey for Third Consecutive Year

Yamaha Corporation won first place in the network device category of the Nikkei Computer Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020–2021 of Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. This was the Company's fifth consecutive year of receiving this rank. Our receipt of this honor was a result of the high evaluation of factors such as the reliability, ease of use, and cost benefits of our products. In addition, Yamaha Corporation received first place in the network device category of Nikkei Business Publications' Partner Satisfaction Survey 2021, marking our third consecutive year of receiving this honor. Factors behind this recognition included high evaluations for our products and delivery accommodations associated with efforts to maintain product supply systems and the establishment of a teleworking consultation helpdesk amid the COVID-19 pandemic.