Promotion of Music Culture

The Yamaha Group contributes to the spread and development of music culture at various music contests and workshops both in Japan and overseas, including piano contests held across the world. The Group not only provides musical instruments to those pursuing a high artistic standard, but also assists with the running of the events.
Additionally, the Yamaha Group has set up scholarship systems in different regions of the world to support aspiring musicians and those at the beginning of their careers. Yamaha also teams up with music education institutions to offer ongoing support through the provision of curriculum and seminars for instructors.
For example, the Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival was launched in 1995 as part of our efforts to help make Hamamatsu City into a city of music. Held together with Hamamatsu City and other co-organizers, this world-leading music festival is centered on wind instruments. In this event, we arrange an academy in which were welcome wind instrument players from around the world to help cultivate aspiring musicians looking to become professional performers. Another part of this event is the festival, a concert for enjoying wind instrument performances open to local community members. A major goal of this event is to promote music culture exchanges and cultivate globally active performers in Hamamatsu City.

[ photo ] Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival
Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival
[ photo ] Yamaha Wind Instruments Debut Concert
Yamaha Wind Instruments Debut Concert
[ photo ] Hebei Normal University scholarship presentation ceremony (China)
Hebei Normal University scholarship presentation ceremony (China)

The Yamaha Group supports music education at schools in various regions of the world. Community-rooted efforts are made to contribute to the enrichment of course content by providing instruments, giving courses on methods of instruction to music instructors, and providing music-related information.

Yamaha School Projects Providing Opportunities to Play Instruments

In order to enable more children to experience the joy of playing a musical instrument, since 2015 Yamaha has been carrying out School Projects to support musical instrument performance experiences in various areas of society, primarily in emerging countries.
The benefits of instrumental music education are so well documented that such instruction is standard in schools around the world. In some countries, however, schools are often unable to provide musical education at a satisfactory level or even at all due to a lack of equipment or trained teachers or inadequate curriculum. Yamaha hopes to help provide these children with opportunities for high-quality musical instrument performance experiences.
As of March 31, 2020, we had provided opportunities for musical instrument performance experiences to an aggregate total of roughly 390,000 children at approximately 1,500 schools in five countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, and India).

[ photo ] Music class in Indonesia
Music class in Indonesia
[ photo ] Recorder lessons in India
Recorder lessons in India

Music Education Programs in the Middle East and Africa

Yamaha Music Gulf FZE (YMGF), a Yamaha subsidiary tasked with sales in the Middle East and Africa, regions where western music education has not taken root, is engaged in activities for promoting music education in schools based on the local circumstances of the respective countries.
Countries incorporating music classes into school curricula are incredibly rare in the Middle East and Africa due to cultural differences and a lack of instructors. In 2012, YMGF started a school music education promotion project in order to help foster aesthetic sensibilities and support the growth of children through musical instrument education. YMGF carries out this project in collaboration with local sales agents as it seeks to demonstrate the importance of music education by inviting local education officials to observe classes in Japanese elementary schools.
Since starting the project with one school in South Africa in 2016, YMGF has continued to expand the scope of its activities. As of March 31, 2020, YMGF had conducted recorder lessons for an aggregate total of roughly 7,500 students in 77 schools in seven countries: South Africa, Nigeria, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Morocco, and Uganda.

[ photo ] Recorder lesson in South Africa
Recorder lesson in South Africa
[ photo ] Recorder lesson in Nigeria
Recorder lesson in Nigeria

School Wind Band Workshops

Since 2010, Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. (YMEC), has been dispatching local and foreign instructors to hold workshops for school wind bands in major and other cities. In fiscal 2020, these workshops were held at six locations to provide instruction to approximately 700 students. YMEC also holds wind band director workshops to improve the wind instrument instruction capabilities of general music teachers. In fiscal 2020, this company offered instruction to teachers through workshops at seven locations that were attended by around 1,500 individuals.

[ photo ] Band workshop
Band workshop
[ photo ] Wind band director workshop
Wind band director workshop

Student Band Maintenance Seminar

In South Korea, band (wind instruments), orchestra, and other music activities are popular among extracurricular activities in schools. However, students often do not have much opportunity to learn about musical instrument maintenance at local schools, and there arise situations in which the students are unable to properly produce notes despite owning high-quality instruments as these instruments become damaged.
To help schools become an environment more conducive to music performances, Yamaha Music Korea Ltd. (YMK) has been visiting schools with orchestras since 2013 to hold seminars on musical instrument maintenance and offer to repair instruments free of charge. To date, YMK has visited over 300 schools to teach students how important it is to maintain their instruments in good condition, thereby supporting music activities in these schools and contributing to the development of music culture in South Korea.

[ photo ] Maintenance seminar
Maintenance seminar
[ photo ] Musical instrument maintenance
Musical instrument maintenance

Donation of Musical Instruments to Schools for the Children of Migrant Farmers

YMEC, together with four manufacturing subsidiaries and major sales agents in China, has been donating instruments to schools for the children of migrant farmers across China since fiscal 2013. These donations are a show of YMEC’s gratitude for local communities and for the growth of its business in China.
YMEC continues to make such donations with the goal of giving children the opportunity to experience music and learn the wonders of instruments and thereby helping them to develop artistic sensitivity. To date, 60 schools have received donations, and the aggregate amount of donations has reached approximately 5.2 million yuan.

Major Instrument Donations
Date Number of schools Donated articles
Fiscal 2013 2 Pianos, portable keyboards, and AV equipment
Fiscal 2014 27 Pianos, digital pianos, portable keyboards, and AV equipment
Fiscal 2015 7 Pianos, portable keyboards, and AV equipment
Fiscal 2016 7 Pianos, portable keyboards, AV equipment, and PA systems
Fiscal 2017 5 Digital keyboards
Fiscal 2018 2 Digital keyboards
Fiscal 2019 5 Digital keyboards
Fiscal 2020 5 Digital keyboards
[ photo ] Ceremony commemorating donations
Ceremony commemorating donations
[ photo ] Donated portable keyboards
Donated portable keyboards

School Music Education Support Websites

Yamaha Corporation is developing tools for supporting school music teachers as well as piano, Electone, and other music instructors. For example, we have Music pal, a school music education website that contains a wealth of information that is useful for music coursework and covers the history of music, musical composition, and a variety of different instruments. In addition, the Musical Instrument Guide Plus website provides content useful for music coursework and investigative learning, including the origin and makeup of instruments, information on how they are played, and trivia designed to help users develop a deeper understanding of the instruments that interest them.

Japan Band Clinic

Yamaha Music Japan Co., Ltd., supports and takes part in the planning of the Japan Band Clinic, which is comprised of lectures and concerts for band directors from across the country. One of Japan’s largest comprehensive band training events, the Japan Band Clinic is designed to help improve the capabilities of Japan’s band directors and to further the spread and development of band culture. This event was first held in 1970 and is open to school music teachers and all other band directors in Japan. Prominent lecturers and bands from Japan and overseas are invited to take part in this event, which includes lectures on how to instruct and operate bands as well as concerts. In addition, the Japan Band Clinic is an opportunity for sharing information on new music sheets, software, and other topics matched to contemporary needs and for proposing directions for future band activities. In this manner, the Japan Band Clinic contributes to the development of Japan’s band culture.

[ photo ] Concert at 50th Japan Band Clinic
Concert at 50th Japan Band Clinic

The Yamaha Group is working to help spread music in the different regions of the world through events and contests. These efforts include proposing new ways to enjoy musical instruments and music for all ages as well as planning and providing spaces for performances by amateur musicians looking to take their passion to the next level.

Hamamatsu Jazz Week

Each year, Yamaha Corporation holds Hamamatsu Jazz Week in cooperation with Hamamatsu City and other co-organizers. The event, which was first held in 1992, is part of the Hamamatsu City government’s efforts to create a city with music at its core. Hosted through a joint effort by the government and the community based on the theme of jazz, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, this unique event has become an entrenched part of the local culture that is beloved by fans of jazz and even people who are not. The 28th Hamamatsu Jazz Week, held in 2019, featured hall concerts by top-notch domestic and international artists as well as school students from outstanding big bands throughout Japan, live performances that allowed guests to casually enjoy jazz on street corners, and events held in collaboration with local jazz clubs.
In recent years, we have been holding workshops for big bands from elementary, junior high, and high schools and universities as well as in-school jazz concerts in which professional musicians are sent to perform at elementary and junior high schools in Hamamatsu City. These events are part of plans for cultivating future musicians by fostering artistic sensitivity and expressiveness in children while engaging with municipalities and cultural organizations and communicating the appeal of jazz throughout Japan via coordination with tourist organizations. The Yamaha Group is also promoting new initiatives for helping cultivate new music fans and promoting the spread of music culture.

[ photo ] Yamaha Jazz Festival
Yamaha Jazz Festival
[ photo ] Street Jazz Festival bringing excitement to the city streets
Street Jazz Festival bringing excitement to the city streets

Wind Instrument Performance Contest

Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. holds a wind instrument performance competition every year in locations across China to provide opportunities for wind instrument performances. In fiscal 2020, clarinet contests were held, and approximately 480 people participated in cities throughout China.

[ photo ] Regional contest
Regional contest
[ photo ] Participants in final competition
Participants in final competition

LovePiano Street Piano Events — Making People More Familiar with Pianos

Since 2017, Yamaha Music Japan has been conducting LovePiano activities that involve providing casual performance spaces based on the concept of feeling more familiar with pianos and enjoying them more. Centered on the theme of LovePiano, these activities include placing colorfully painted pianos in open spaces, where they can be played by anyone; transmitting various information pertaining to pianos via the Internet; and otherwise working to communicate the appeal of pianos. So far, these pianos have been set up and enjoyed by numerous people in a total of 40 public spaces across Japan, including JR Shinjuku Station and Shinagawa Station, the Umihotaru Parking Area on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, and Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport).
Over the period from February 28 to March 10, 2020, pianos were set up at four stations on the Izu Kyuko Line as part of our LovePiano activities through collaboration with Tokyu Corporation and Izukyū Corporation. These pianos contributed to regional economic development while encouraging expeditions around Izu through music.
Yamaha intends to continue these LovePiano activities with the hopes of encouraging people to start playing piano while also spurring former pianists to pick up the instrument again.

[ photo ] Piano at Madame Tussauds Tokyo (Piano No. 1)
Piano at Madame Tussauds Tokyo (Piano No. 1)
[ photo ] Piano at Izu-Kogen Station (Piano No. 4)
Piano at Izu-Kogen Station (Piano No. 4)