Promoting Music Culture

The Yamaha Group contributes to the spread and development of music culture at various music contests and clinics both in Japan and overseas. The Group not only provides musical instruments to those pursuing a high artistic standard, but also assists with the running of the events.

[ image ] Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival
Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival
[ image ] Performance by a prize winner (China)
Performance by a prize winner (China)

Additionally, the Yamaha Group has set up scholarship systems in different regions of the world as support for aspiring musicians. Yamaha also teams up with music education institutions, continues to support the educational curriculum, and provides seminars for instructors.

[ image ] Yamaha Asia scholarship (China)
Yamaha Asia scholarship (China)

The Yamaha Group supports music education at schools in various regions of the world. Efforts are made to contribute to the enrichment of course content by providing instruments, giving courses on methods of instruction to music instructors, and providing music-related information.

Yamaha "School Projects" Providing Opportunities to Play Instruments

The educational effects of learning to play musical instruments are so well documented that such instruction is standard in schools around the world. However, in some countries, lack of equipment or trained teachers, or inadequate curriculum often limits to what extent schools can offer. As a project to provide the chance for as many children to experience the joys of playing instruments, Yamaha is currently expanding the School Project.

[ image ] Music classes in Indonesia
Music classes in Indonesia
[ image ] Recorder lessons in Vietnam
Recorder lessons in Vietnam

Music Popularization Program in the GCC and Africa

Yamaha Music Gulf (YMGF), a Yamaha subsidiary tasked with sales in the GCC and other countries in the Middle East, Africa, the CIS, and Western Asia, regions where western music education has not taken root, is implementing music promotion activities in schools based on the local circumstances of the country.
Especially in the Middle East and Africa, while there are music classes in schools, the lack of musical instruments, instructors, and know-how means that in most cases such classes are limited to chorus and theory. In 2012, YMGF started a school music education promotion project in order to support the education and growth of children through musical instrument education. YMGF promoted this project in collaboration with local branches and demonstrated the importance of music education by holding classroom visits of Japanese elementary schools for education officials in each country.
After starting with one school in South Africa in 2016, YMGF expanded recorder classes to about 3,300 students in 33 schools in South Africa, Nigeria, Kuwait, UAE, and Kenya in fiscal 2018. YMGF plans to add Pakistan, Morocco, and Uganda in the future and expand its activities to start pianica classes in Pakistan.

[ image ] Recorder lesson in South Africa
Recorder lesson in South Africa
[ image ] Recorder lesson in Nigeria
Recorder lesson in Nigeria

Band Clinics & Band Directors’ Clinics

Since 2010, Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. has dispatched instructors to school bands in major cities in Japan and overseas. The number of workshops and participants are increasing every year, with 46 workshops held in fiscal 2018 and approximately 5,300 students receiving guidance from prominent instructors. Yamaha also holds clinics for band directors so that general music teachers can teach band music.

[ image ] A band clinic in Shaoxing city
A band clinic in Shaoxing city

Student Band Maintenance Seminar

In Korea, music activities, such as band (wind instruments) or orchestra particiaption are extracurricular activities in schools. However, in some schools (local schools in particular), students do not have much opportunity to learn about musical instrument maintenance and there arise situations in which the students own high quality instruments, but the instruments become damaged and do not produce a good sound.
To support the music performing environment at these schools, Yamaha Music Korea Ltd. (YMK) has been offering their support since 2013 by visiting schools that have an orchestra, holding seminars on musical instrument maintenance, and offering to repair instruments free of charge. Since this activity started, YMK has visited over 250 schools to provide instrument maintenance, teach students how important it is to maintain their instruments in good condition, and contribute to the development of music culture in Korea by supporting music activities in these schools.

[ image ] A maintenance seminar
A maintenance seminar
[ image ] A lecture on the importance of musical instrument maintenance
A lecture on the importance of musical instrument maintenance

"Music pal" School Music Education Support Website

Yamaha Corporation established the website "Music pal" to support school music education. The site has a wealth of information that is useful for music coursework and covers the history of music, musical composition, and a variety of different instruments. Additionally, in order to let visitors further deepen their musical knowledge, the website "Musical Instrument Guide Plus" provides content useful for music coursework and investigative learning, including the origin and makeup of instruments and a full encyclopedia of musical instruments including playing style.

The Yamaha Group takes steps to spread music in the different regions of the world through events and contests. This includes proposing new ways to enjoy musical instruments and music for all ages as well as planning and providing spaces for performances by amateur musicians looking to make the next step up.

Hamamatsu Jazz Week

Each year, Yamaha Corporation holds "Hamamatsu Jazz Week" in cooperation with the city of Hamamatsu, where our headquarters is located, and other co-organizers. The event, which started in 1992, is part of the Hamamatsu city government's efforts to create a city with music at its core.
The unique regional gathering strives to have music throughout the city, and to have music help create the fabric of the city. United under jazz that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, the government and the community come together to host the event and produce something appreciated by participants whether they are jazz fans or not.
The 26th Hamamatsu Jazz Week in 2017 featured talk events based on the theme of the 100th anniversary of the jazz record, concerts that featured top-notch domestic and international artists as well as school students from outstanding big bands throughout Japan, combined with events organized in collaboration with civic groups and local jazz clubs, and in-school jazz concerts at Hamamatsu elementary and middle schools.

[ image ] “Student Jazz Festival”
“Student Jazz Festival”
[ image ] “Yamaha Jazz Festival” held on the final day of Hamamatsu Jazz Week
“Yamaha Jazz Festival” held on the final day of Hamamatsu Jazz Week

Asian Beat

The Yamaha Group plans and runs the amateur band contest "Asian Beat", which aims to promote popular music and develop amateur musicians in the Asia region. The winning bands from the regional competitions in each country go on to the grand final where they perform and compete to be the top amateur band in Asia.

Brass Jamboree

The Yamaha Group holds the Brass Jamboree, in which wind and percussion instrument enthusiasts gather together in one large venue to enjoy playing music together. The Brass Jamboree offers a place to perform to people who want to casually enjoy playing musical instruments. With experienced musicians, beginners, parents and children, families, and friends participating, it is a day for everyone to enjoy music and is aimed at enthusiasts of all wind and percussion instruments. At the 9th Brass Jamboree in 2018, conductor Daisuke Soga gave a conducting method seminar on how to study conducting music. More than 550 people, ranging from elementary school children to seniors in their 70s, participated in the concert, where they enjoyed meeting other people through music and playing music with many others. They created a special, large-scale performance playing altogether during the concert.

[ image ] Large ensemble with all of the event participants
Large ensemble with all of the event participants
[ image ] Ensemble director and conductor Daisuke Soga (left), special guest Chihiro Yamazaki (center), and saxophone player Ryota Miura (right)
Ensemble director and conductor Daisuke Soga (left), special guest Chihiro Yamazaki (center), and saxophone player Ryota Miura (right)

Wind Instrument Karaoke Contest (China)

Yamaha Music & Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. holds a wind instrument karaoke competition every year, which provides an opportunity for beginners and others that have just started learning music to enjoy playing simple tunes with a wind instrument on stage. The music is played together with a sound source as musical accompaniment that has been made solely using wind instruments. Some 7,300 children took part in 33 cities nationwide in fiscal 2018.

[ image ] Preliminaries in Shenzen city
Preliminaries in Shenzen city
[ image ] Preliminaries in Anyang City
Preliminaries in Anyang City

Piano Placement in National Railway Stations in France

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, France has placed pianos at more than 100 premises in major French National Railway stations since 2015. Yamaha proposed this idea to France’s National Railway, the SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français), as they realized that this would allow many people to freely experience playing the piano. Several million people utilize the National Railway each day. Following this initiative we have received many positive comments about the joy discovered by playing the piano or listening to the music. Along with placing pianos, we also established a video contest where users record their music then upload it to social media and get a chance to show their performance to viewers all over the world. We set up a terminal with a “like” button for visitors who felt an affinity for the piano thanks to this experience. Over one million visitors have pressed this “like” button. The installation has also garnered attention from various local media outlets.

[ image ] Piano attracting people
Piano attracting people
[ image ] The Yamaha stage in Lyon station, Paris, with a terminal for submitting
The Yamaha stage in Lyon station, Paris, with a terminal for submitting "likes"

Providing Opportunities for New Ways to Enjoy Music at “Yamaha Music & Life”

In April 2016, we established Yamaha Music & Life, which is a business directly operated by Yamaha Music & Electronics Taiwan Co., Ltd. and is located in a department store in Taiwan. In this store, introductions to each instrument, free trial lessons, and free hands-on testing are provided in four display areas: the Experience Zone, the Living Room Zone, the Studio Zone, and the Break Zone. This store allows visitors to test out instruments and AV equipment free of charge. The services of the store help provide stress-free opportunities to customers who are interested in musical instruments but not yet ready to buy one or start taking lessons. For those who are interested, it is possible to purchase an instrument and pay for lessons. In Taiwan, it is expected that demand for casual hobbies will increase among adults. By providing new opportunities to experience musical instruments, Yamaha can showcase the appeal of music to more people, while aiming to increase the size of the music playing population.

[ image ] The Experience Zone where customers can try out instruments
The Experience Zone where customers can try out instruments
[ image ] The Living Room Zone where recommendations for pianos and AV equipment are made to suit different lifestyles
The Living Room Zone where recommendations for pianos and AV equipment are made to suit different lifestyles