Visualization and Simulation of Air Flow Inside a Recorder

Understanding the Air Flow and Resonance Inside a Recorder

The sound of a woodwind instrument is greatly affected by slight differences in air flow. We support the design and development of recorders by flow visualization measurements called PIV and computer fluid simulations.

* PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) is a method of fluid measurement. Smoke particles (several μm in diameter) called tracers are diffused in the air flow and irradiated with a high-intensity laser (Class 4). A high-speed camera (tens of thousands of frames per second) is used to capture the movement of the brightly illuminated particles irradiated by the laser, enabling visualization and quantification of the flow velocity distribution.

Researching Shapes that Realize the Ideal Flow

The flow in a woodwind instrument greatly depends on slight differences in shape. We conduct large-scale simulations using a supercomputer to analyze the air flow, including sound waves, and perform detailed research of the shape that will realize the ideal flow.