Global Internship:Product Development Division

Outline Application closed for summer 2023

Term Approx. 10-12 weeks, June - September 2023, or January - March 2024
Division Product Development Divisions, Musical Instruments and Audio Products Business Unit
Location Hamamatsu, Japan (only 90 minutes from Tokyo/Osaka)
Application Please submit a cover sheet which clearly designates your target project, along with your résumé/CV and additional materials to back-up your skills & experiences required by each project.
Condition Paid internship
Benefits Travel and commutation expense, housing with bed, washer, kitchenet & wifi, stipend for meal, Japanese visa assistance and language lessons available
Process Documentary screening followed by online interview
Due date January 31st, 2023 (first-come first-serve policy)


  • Software test for Yamaha Audio and Communications Products

    CC Development Department

    image Core Technology Development Department
    Process & Objective
    Testing based on checklists to find software bugs
    Creating and managing bug reports to communicate with development teams
    • Required: Familiar with software development techniques and strategy
      Basic knowledge and interest in Japanese language and culture
    • Desirable: Knowledge and experience in one or more programming languages (e.g., Python)
      Knowledge and experience in test automation frameworks and tools (e.g., Selenium)
  • Acoustic Measurements & Vibration Analysis of acoustic musical instruments (either Piano, Wind Instruments, or Drums)

    B&O Instruments Development Department

    image acoustics
    Process & Objective
    Continuous measurement and analytic research, simulation and verification to gain insights into instruments' behavior
    • Required: Acoustic engineering and vibration analysis, modeling/analysis software such as Solidworks/ANSYS, Basic knowledge of musical instruments structure (either Piano, Wind Instruments, or Drums)
    • Desirable: Ability to play string instruments (either Piano, Wind Instruments, or Drums)
  • Software Development for Digital Wind Instruments (either iOS/Android App or Software Synthesizer)

    Digital Musical Instruments Development Department

    image digital synth
    Process & Objective
    Develop iOS/Android App to control digital wind instruments, or Software Synthesizer to evaluate future tone generators
    • Required: Ability to play one or more wind instruments, iOS or Android App development, basic DSP and vibro-acoustics
    • Desirable: Broad Knowledge of music education in your country