“Yamaha Musical Instruments Played by Noted Artists” [This event has ended.]


The drum set used by legendary Latin rock band “Santana” on display

The Yamaha YD-9000 drum set used by Graham Lear, drummer of the legendary Latin rock band “Santana,” is now on display. These drums were used on Santana’s 1978 tour of the United States, and feature illustrations from noted illustrator Fumihiko Shiozawa. They are currently used by Masayoshi Imaizumi, who has played Yamaha drums for more than 40 years supporting such noted artists as CHAGE and ASKA, Iruka, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, and Kiyotaka Sugiyama.
We are also exhibiting a limited-edition CARBON CUSTOM SPECIAL snare drum, a limited model from the time of Yamaha’s centennial anniversary. We hope you will come to see it.
Exhibition period (planned): November 4, 2021, to February 2022
*The exhibition period is subject to change without notice.
Masayoshi Imaizumi and the YD-9000