October 1, 2021 [Limited-time Exhibition] Recreating a performance from the world-famous pianist Chick Corea

As a memorial to the world-famous pianist Chick Corea, who passed away in February this year, for a limited time we will recreate three of his pieces, “Spain,” “Someone to watch over me,” and “Brasilia” using the Disklavier™ self-playing piano displayed on the Virtual Stage.

Chick Corea was a long-time fan of Yamaha pianos, and this exhibition features a recreation of a performance he gave at Yamaha headquarters in 2005. We hope that you enjoy this wonderful music from such an outstanding artist.

◆Exhibition period (planned): - March 31, 2023
*The exhibition period is subject to change without notice.

Schedule of performance times (September 28, 2021 onwards)[PDF:319.1KB]

*The pieces performed and the performance order may change. Your understanding is appreciated.