June 28, 2021 New exhibit unveiled "AI Artist Stage - Creating Music Together with AI"


On Tuesday June 22, 2021, a new exhibit titled "AI Artist Stage — Creating Music Together with AI" was unveiled at the Innovation Laboratory.

Featuring proprietary AI singing synthesis technology (*VOCALOID:AI™) created by Yamaha together with new AI wind instrument synthesis technology developed based on VOCALOID:AI, this exhibit allows visitors to enjoy performing with an AI singer or saxophonist. First you can use the performance expression sensor to tell the AI artist how to give live to a song. The AI artist responds to your requests by making natural changes in real time to aspects of musical expression such as vibrato and the connections between notes.

Further developments to this technology may allow AI singers to sing songs you create in the manner you want, or to fill in for any missing people in an ensemble, or even create backing that give the impression that you've invited someone to perform with you at home.

Please visit us to experience the challenges of a future in which humans and AI create music together.

A technology that records the singing voice of a subject in advance, and then utilizes deep learning technologies to learn the characteristics of that voice, such as tone and singing style, allowing the creation of almost any melody in combination with lyrics from a voice that reflects the mannerisms and nuances of the original singer.