Interactive Music Player / 2009
[ Image ] BODiBEAT BF-1

BODiBEAT BF-1 is a digital music player for running or walking that automatically generates music or plays songs with tempos that match the pace of the wearer's running or walking.
Users can use a personal computer to store music in the BODiBEAT's memory and then use modes such as the "Free Workout Mode" for automatic playback of songs that match their running/walking pace, or "Fitness Mode," which uses music to inform the user of the optimum pace for aerobic exercise, allowing them to enjoy feeling at one with the music and experience running or walking in a wholly new way.
BODiBEAT also features the BODiBEAT Mixer function, which uses an internal tone generator and sequencer to automatically create songs and play them back when there are no songs stored in memory with a tempo that matches the pace of the user's exercise.