Culture Chair

Furniture / 1935年
[ Image ] Culture Chair

After the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, Yamaha began to make furniture in earnest, starting out with the intention of making simple, robust designs, and later taking on contracts for luxury pieces and room interior.
This folding desk was sold together with a chair as the "Yamaha Culture Set." It was made using an integrated production system, and was developed using functional cutting and coating techniques.
Featuring a design characteristic of when it was made—the heyday of art deco, a muted mahogany-color finish, a single-action folding mechanism, a distinctive configuration of two flat legs crossed in a manner that would not harm tatami mats or carpet, the professional construction of this design utilized woodworking techniques acquired through piano and reed organ crafting.
It was well matched to the western-style homes that were the cutting edge of fashion at the time, and won favor throughout Japan.