Yamaha Design “Synapses” YAS-105


A slim, simple sound bar.


The shape is both dynamic and substantial that runs continuously rounded over from the front fascia to the rear end and a wrap-around design gently vanishing ridgelines or corners. We have tried eliminating any elements that might obstruct TV viewing and have added a rich sound with fantastic quality.


While the silhouette presents one solid form, each function is separated by material. Especially, keeping the components compact in the top section, in which the buttons and labels are arranged, provides a lucid contrast by the larger Saran-net covered areas that produce surround sound.


The bass reflex ports is located in the middle from side view to express the separation of functions in between the upper body and lower body, where sound is emitted, and the lower case, which provides support for the upper section. Furthermore, the ports represent a key-accent visually compose the unique silhouette where ample internal pressure is pumped out of the solid body.


The design differs from those that focus on offering small, slim, high-technology products to the world at large. Based on an understanding of market sensibilities and of what a sound bar for the future should bring to the interior space of our rooms, we have given careful consideration to achieving takes balancing harmony between identity of the product and the technology optimized to create it. The resulting design sets a new standard, possessing a feeling of solid three-dimensionality.

Yoshihisa Sugiura
Yoshihisa Sugiura
Yamaha Corporation of America / Yamaha Design Laboratory

A user-focused design created through U.S. market research.

The Sound Bar YAS-105 front surround system was designed as an ingenious TV speaker that is the first product from Yamaha, designed in the U.S. It needs experience taking over the standard way of design team in Japan, for our designing process to learn the market trends, user needs with voices from the local perspective so as to implement the plural of the field research sessions with people in the US, scientifically.
Following above, defining imperative demand to create the future products beside the people in the US, in order to differentiate the newer design direction compare with the European design. Then derived the results by plural research opportunity that the typical European Design, which just looks thin and just pushes only the tech-feature, is out of the trend in the US market. European design trend in the consumer electronics is like “line-leaded design” is not so popular in the U.S. market, in reality, American design is always bolder and more three-dimensional in overall can also be resonated even in the European market. Given the reality in both markets, the new YAS-105 should has been shaped gentrifying in its perceived quality and dynamicity with the sophisticated approaches that doesn’t distract users mind whilst TV viewing.
The thin body that is well-packaging subwoofers and arrayed speakers, and the side corners are rounded gracefully where binds “Bass Reflex Ports” by speaker grill and lower body to represent its ingenuity. The design is entirely rounded in a way that makes it desirable for tabletop or wall-mounted use. The grill makes bold use of fabric for a mistily appealing generous form that looks great under dimmed room lights.
The fabric is the highest quality possible since audio-visual components are typically viewed as long-lasting products in the US market. We sincerely wish the YAS-105 to win long-term endearing with its genuineness, mass-feeling and high-quality characteristics.

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