Yamaha Design “Synapses” SRT-1000


A TV surround system offering realistic sound in a casual setting.


The SRT-1000 features a design that balances the feel of both audio equipment and interior design, connecting the worlds of TV and home furnishing by blending into the surroundings without looking out of place.


The exterior of the SRT-1000 is a representation of the sound beams emitted by digital sound projectors. Yamaha's identity as a manufacturer of sound equipment is evident in the relaxed, casual feel of this product.


The SRT-1000 blends inconspicuously into home interiors, all the while making a visual statement with the thin design and presence that are characteristics of a sound projector.


The hairline finish on the body of the SRT-1000 is a result of the need for the product to blend well as a home interior product on a rack or with the TV, while at the same time emphasizing its identity as a high-end audio product.

Masaharu Ono
Masaharu Ono
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A stage-type sound bar that expresses both the concepts of both superb sound and restrained interior design.

Yamaha has devoted a great deal of effort to the development of sound bars, a type of audio component that allows the user to enjoy surround sound playback simply by placing the product in front of the TV. The advent of slimmer TVs and thinner picture frames has heralded an era of increased popularity for stage-type sound bars that can be placed below the TV. Yamaha has capitalized on this with the development of the SRT-1000, a sound bar that allows users to enjoy realistic sound through Yamaha's own digital sound projector (YSP) technology.
With the design of the SRT-1000, we sought to balance two seemingly contradictory factors.
The first was to communicate to users Yamaha's dedication on sound and performance as audio products manufacturer; the second was the requirement for the unit to blend naturally into the interior of the home without looking out of place.
The heart of YSP technology lies in the beam speakers arrayed in the center of the product body. These allow beams of sound to be projected with pinpoint accuracy to locations throughout the room, transforming it into a sonic space in a manner that appears to fill the entire room with sound. To express this idea as a design, we created a vertically diagonal design for the product body that conveys the image of carefully-aimed beams of sound emerging from it. We negotiated with the design engineer responsible for the product, doing everything we could to reduce the body angle to make the unit look "sharp" with a slim-line silhouette, which we felt was a key point in this design. Both the beam speakers and the stereo speakers on the sides of the product body are hidden behind a shroud of perforated metal, while the volume control and other items of user interface are used as a divider of sorts to subtly emphasize the presence of the beam speakers. A hairline finish has been used on the upper surface to achieve a refined appearance that is appropriate to both home furnishings and sound equipment.
The SRT-1000 has been designed both from the standpoint of interior design and as sound equipment, We hope that our users will enjoy it as an inconspicuous addition to their home interior and as a product that offers superior audio performance that will enhance their enjoyment of video playback.

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