Yamaha Design “Synapses” inpresX Series

2011 / GOLF CLUB

Soaring through its tenth year.


Hitting the ball further, more accurately, and with more satisfaction. Now in its second decade, the inpresX series is a model for constant and consistent progress towards true quality. We continue to depict this concept as a current within the club that concentrates its hidden power forwards.


True sporting equipment needs no ornamentation. We believe that this is because the identity of sports equipment lies in the expression of its core functions, and in the characteristics that inspire the player. That, to us, is the primary attraction of any sporting item.


From a player’s point of view, the silhouette of the crown speaks volumes about the character of the club itself. Featuring "Tip Weight Technology," inpresX clubs utilize tungsten in the striped area of the shaft to achieve extended flight and eliminate any unnecessary flex.


The sole of any inpresX club symbolizes the power and forward drive fused into the club’s face. In those moments when the player is able to harmonize with the potential of the club, a truly picture-perfect trajectory is born.


Functionality and sensitivity resonate together in a design than combines strength and a gentle character. The result is an inpresX club that seems to almost talk to the player-asserting its identity as a true partner with which to challenge any golf course.

Daisuke Saito
Daisuke Saito
Yamaha Design Laboratory

Things that change, things that don't; ten years with the inpresX.

It has now been more than a decade since the release of the inpresX series. During these years, inpresX clubs have seen service in the hands of a diverse range of players, from top professionals to those just starting out. Undeniably, they have helped Hiroyuki Fujita and Toru Taniguchi stars of the Japanese golfing world to achieve some amazing results.
With every successive generation, the inpresX series has improved in functionality. In spite of that change, some aspects of the series have been intentionally left the same. The first of these traits is the clear emphasis that is put on providing genuinely useful golf clubs rather than being swayed by any particular trend. With a core image that emphasizes player power concentrated on the face of the club, the design of the inpresX boasts no superfluous ornamentation, relying instead on minimalist lines and molding to represent the superb quality of the series. Another aspect that we emphasize is that work should be done by hand. Even in design, we eschew computers in favor of using chisels to shape life-size models as we work to create new clubs. And when it comes to production, each club is hand-finished by a veteran craftsman who buffs it by hand; a method reflecting our philosophy of creating products that resonate with the senses. To a golfer’s honed perception, the difference is obvious.
We believe that the relationship between skilled handiwork and a golfer's keen senses closely parallels that which exists between musicians and their instruments.

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