Yamaha Design “Synapses” NS-F700


An all-round speaker with an elegant silhouette that transforms with the angle from which it is viewed.


To add strength to the mirror-black cabinet surfaces, designers reduced the size of the speaker grills to the bare minimum, utilizing a unique shape that has refined the function of “speaker protection” to its barest essentials.


An asymmetrical form devoid of parallel planes and an organic presence that differs from every angle. Here, an elegant vertical sculpture in wood.


The NS-700 boasts a restrained mirror-black finish that would make it at home amongst the finest of pianos. To maximize the beauty of the mirrored surfaces, designers created an elegant configuration that utilizes not a single pin on the faces of the speaker baffles.


Tallboy-style speakers that meld the polished elegance of modern interior design with the organic ambiance of a wood grove. The NS-700 family of speakers brings refinement to any space.

Keizo Tatsumi
Keizo Tatsumi
Yamaha Design Laboratory

A single tree, tastefully accenting your living room.

Music is an essential element in our lives. In fact, I don’t think it’s too much to believe that no living room is complete without some kind of audio equipment. I wanted to endow these speakers with a presence not unlike a beautiful tree in a living room. I didn’t want to have people bring these great-sounding speakers into their homes only to think "Oh, it’s just another big box".
These speakers are designed without any parallel planar surfaces, so that they appear different when viewed from different angles. We have polished the mirror-black surfaces so that they reflect light, allowing their "expressions" to change quite vividly depending on the natural or contrived lighting conditions in the room. One area that we had trouble with in the design - although not evident- was the shape of the legs on the speaker stands. They were designed to stabilize and harmonize with the main body of the speaker. Before deciding on this final shape, we had to create three-dimensional molds over and over again, almost like in the creation of a sculpture.

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