key for you

Milano Salone 2008

At Milano Salone 2008, Yamaha offered seven proposals for advanced design in keyboard instruments,
focusing on the theme of "key for you."

Our theme for Milano Salone 2008 : “key for you”

This year, our theme is “key for you.” Keys are important; something that everyone possesses. There are keys that open things, and keys on keyboards. We would like offer everyone an array of keys, in the hopes of giving the people who come to our exhibition some insight into the bond between people and instruments, and the human relationships that music fosters between people.
Created around the phrase "scene of tone" our exhibition last year was devoted to music that focused on musical instrument factories and sound space performances. Further, it utilizes a “Minimal Element / Maximum effect” concept that keeps ornamentation of the display spaces to a minimum, and offering visitors a chance to look at product designs and the lifestyles and ambience they create.

key in cantilever
Like a marble monument

[ Image ] key in cantilever 1
[ Image ] key in cantilever 2

Product Keyword

The massive feel of marble, evoking the feel of enormity.
An identity stripped to its most basic elements,
allowing onlookers to project their own sense of beauty.

[ Image ] key in cantilever 3

Product Keyword
 rendezvous point

A cantilever, with balance appearing to waver at any moment.
This form focuses viewer consciousness,
creating a focal point for encounters.

[ Image ] key in cantilever 4

Product Keyword

We aimed to create a simple electronic piano composed merely of two rectangles.
The concealable display and remote control also represent suggestions for a new identity for a keyboard instrument.

key as gift
Like a wooden toy, treasured for always

[ Image ] key as gift 1
[ Image ] key as gift 2

Product Keyword

Warm wood with a soothing form, holding in it memories of childhood toys.
Just having it near brings out smiles of affection.

[ Image ] key as gift 3

Product Keyword
 tactile quality

A body wrapped gently with the sensation of real wood.
The surfaces encased in materials textured with care.

[ Image ] key as gift 4

Product Keyword

A ageless, simple yet ubiquitous design.
The grain of the wood adding profundity to the passing of time.

key like jeans
Like a favorite pair of jeans

[ Image ] key like jeans 1
[ Image ] key like jeans 2

Product Keyword
 possesive satisfaction

A solid walnut body with an oil finish;
features offering the appearance of a vintage guitar.

[ Image ] key like jeans 3

Product Keyword

In the pursuit of playability, this high-grade keyboard offers an ever-increasing familiarity to the touch.
The walnut body changes likewise changes with time,
making this instrument truly your own.

[ Image ] key like jeans 4

Product Keyword

Open construction, reversing the conventional structure of a keyboard that places everything in the body.
Like an electric guitar, with the jack, knobs,
and keys embedded in the wooden body.

key for journey
Like a well-worn sketchbook

[ Image ] key for journey 1
[ Image ] key for journey 2

Product Keyword

A presence you’ll hold forever.
A tool for the mind that awakens playfulness in the creative.

[ Image ] key for journey 3

Product Keyword
 tactile quality

Stitches and stitches, chromed keys of black and white keys, paper for sketching.
A multitude of textures, playing a symphony in harmony and balance.

[ Image ] key for journey 4

Product Keyword

Draw, write, or playmelodies, wherever and whenever you want.
The model for usability… the common sketchbook.

[ Image ] key for journey 5

Product Keyword

Sketches become irreplaceable with time;
Leather that shares the passage of time with its owner.

key for living
Like a favorite teacup

[ Image ] key for living 1
[ Image ] key for living 2

Product Keyword

On the floor or the sofa - it’s easy to carry.
It can even be set in the corner.
An affable keyboard for a relaxed lifestyle.

[ Image ] key for living 3

Product Keyword
 rendezvous point

Ten speakers pointing in all directions,
with a single subwoofer.
From this instrument - the center of relaxation -
sound reverberates in every direction.

[ Image ] key for living 4

Product Keyword

The elements of this keyboard have been
rearranged into a double-decker configuration.
This unique form places performance in the top section,
and the playback in the bottom.

key between people
Reminiscent of place to gather, to relax

[ Image ] key between people 1
[ Image ] key between people 2

Product Keyword
 possesive satisfaction

A place where people gather to unwind.
The concept of an instrument gains a spatial dimension.

[ Image ] key between people 3

Product Keyword
 rendezvous point

Employing the metaphor of the grand piano,
and creating something that calls people together.

[ Image ] key between people 4

Product Keyword

A place where an instrument allows the performer
and the listener to meet on the same level,
through the medium of an instrument;

key near window
Like a stylish piece of modern furnishing

[ Image ] key near window 1
[ Image ] key near window 2

Product Keyword

High quality synthetic marble,
dark brown walnut finish, and thick smoked glass.
These three materials are layered to
give a stylish design.

[ Image ] key near window 3

Product Keyword
 possessive satisfaction

A cool presence, projecting a mature aesthetic sense.
This form stimulates the owner’s senses,
and brings quality to the surrounding space.

[ Image ] key near window 4

Product Keyword

This design emphasizes the layered
construction of the three materials,
with a discrete speaker section.
The use of an embedded the display
in the body and illumination
that penetrates the marble come together
in a design-oriented style.