Milano Salone 2005

At Milano Salone 2005, Yamaha offered proposals at Salone Satellite for furniture as objects that focus on "people with people" and "the relationship between people and objects."

When designing musical instruments, we are always thinking of the initimate relationships between people and objects.
Watching musicians play. we realize that their objects are so functional and pure. that they highlight human emotions.
We could say that objects should be cool. to balance human warmth.
The compositions that we introduce here are the results of our reflections on the role happiness plays in our everyday lives.
This project started with one simple question...

"How many friends do you hava?"

Today's Hello by Enrico Bergese

  • [ Image ] Today's Hello 1
  • [ Image ] Today's Hello 2

Open Discussion by Manabu Kawada

  • [ Image ] Open Discussion 1
  • [ Image ] Open Discussion 2

Cozy Tension by Msafumi Ito

  • [ Image ] Cozy Tension 1
  • [ Image ] Cozy Tension 2

Plant Me by Masaharu Ono

  • [ Image ] Plant Me 1
  • [ Image ] Plant Me 2