ambiente 2014

Yamaha × Japan Creative × MAP partner of Barber Osgerby

Yamaha Participates in Japan Creative;
Piece to Be Exhibited at Ambiente in Germany

Japan Creative

The aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake has seen a renewed appreciation of the powerful culture that Japan is so proud of, both in Japan and overseas. Despite beginning only recently, Japan Creative's work to show the world Japan's creative and high-quality production and excellent esthetic sense is already attracting attention in the Japanese and international design industry. We were extremely happy and honored to be contacted among numerous Japanese manufacturers, and to be able to collaborate with MAP, the design unit led by Barber Osgerby. The piece to be exhibited creates new possibilities for listening to music by combining new technology from Yamaha with inspiration from this noted overseas design team. I look forward to seeing the response to our piece at Ambiente, an international design trade fair.

Manabu Kawada, Design Laboratory

About Product

The piece (prototype) to be exhibited uses Yamaha's TLF Speaker (TLF stands for Thin, Light, Flexible), a light speaker just 1.5mm thick with narrow directivity and an extremely long range, as a device for experiencing sound in a new way. This is combined with VOCALOID, singing voice synthesis technology from Yamaha, to explore new acoustic possibilities.
Because sound is directly emitted from the front surface of the TLF Speaker, mixing of sound does not occur easily even when speakers are placed side by side, allowing sound to be transmitted clearly from the front of the piece. The speaker also transmits sound across a large distance with minimal attenuation even at low volumes. These characteristics make recordings of human voices sound as if a person is speaking directly to the listener. VOCALOID makes it possible to create natural, realistic singing voice simply by inputting lyrics and a melody.
The piece to be exhibited uses TLF Speaker and VOCALOID features. Through this mechanism, visitors can experience harmony that is created in the form of a virtual singing voice from independent sounds merging together.
The production process combined approaches based on three concepts: "Converge," "Zone," and "Mobile." Focus was placed on the effect of the transmission and reverberation of sound from the TLF Speaker and VOCALOID on the listener's sensory experience of the acoustics and vocals, and new consideration was given to the significance of sound in a space. This piece was the result.

Dates 7 - 11.February,2014
Venue Messe Frankfurt
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Gearmany