Manager of the Communication Design GroupDaizo Sato

Improving quality of life

My daily life is very normal. Both my wife and I work, so our mornings are spent doing the laundry and cleaning. I take our youngest child to daycare and then go to work. I read a couple of newspapers every day. Newspapers are full of the knowledge that is shared by 10 million people, so I do feel pressured to keep up. I cut out the articles that interest me and every six months I go through the clippings I have collected. The number and variety of articles offer me an objective understanding of my interests at the time. Usually on my days off I do the household chores that have accumulated. I particularly like cleaning my children's shoes—I like that moment when I put their newly cleaned shoes out in the sun to dry. "" —I took up running and weight training in my days working in sports design, and have kept them up, although I am pretty skinny! I also occasionally run marathons. As with housework and reading the newspaper, training is not so much a hobby as it is a part of my everyday life. I don't try to do anything special in particular. Instead I try to look after myself, improving my daily behavior so that I do the normal things properly.

The pleasure in the ordinary

I have always liked to make things as part of my everyday life. After my children were born I became engrossed in making plastic models and in playing together with them the models and with Lego. I also made things with the gears and motors from the "Tanoshi Kosaku Series" ("Fun with building" series) as I did in my childhood and, in fact, I have even submitted some of my creations to robot building competitions. However, my kids grew up and those days have come and gone. One day when I was looking for something new to pursue, I realized that there was a clue staring me right in the face— the leather-bound personal organizer that I had been using for more than 20 years. I was very attached to it, and couldn't bring myself to replace it, choosing instead to repair it for further use.  I was struck by the idea that it might be fun to try making something like that myself. I began to gather the tools needed, and although I can only make simple things, at the moment I'm really enjoying making things for myself to use. Unlike the designs I'm tasked with in my work, these are very low-tech, private items, which I work to keep sewing to a minimum and to try to give them a simple silhouette, which could be something that holds a Yamaha-influence. Actually, although my comments on logical and emotional points of view were in reference to design, they also offer some insight into how one should live their life. It's important to find a balance between organizing everyday "normality" and finding joy and fun in your life, and I think that that is something we should aim for in our lives.