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Indianapolis, IN

Venue: Indiana Convention Center

November 2016

Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th


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About Yamaha at PASIC16

Welcome to 2016 #YamahaPASIC! Get all your Yamaha info here for artist schedules, product information, and more during the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis, IN November 9 – 12, 2016.

Yamaha Artist Event Schedule

(Schedule subject to change - check PASIC schedule for full details)

  • Brady Harrison, Morris Palter

    (Focus Day Concert A)
    Wabash Balllroom
  • John Kilkenny

    George Mason University Percussion Ensemble
    Wabash Balllroom
  • Jason Baker

    Marching/Education Clinic: "From the Football Field to the Concert Hall: Sound Quality is Paramount"
    Room 105
  • Ethos Percussion Group

    Showcase Concert: "Rhythms of the Silk Road: Melding Ancient and Modern Traditions"
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • Lee Hinkle

    University of Maryland Percussion Ensemble
    Wabash Balllroom
  • Colin McNutt

    Marching Panel Discussion: "The Craft of Marching Percussion Battery Arranging: It’s All About Clarity"
    Room 201
  • Julie Hill, Joshua Smith

    World Percussion Ensemble Competition, Winner Showcase Concert (UTM)
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • Andy Bliss (nief-norf)

    (Focus Day Concert D)
    Wabash Balllroom
  • Troy Wollwage - Yamaha

    Professional Development: "How to expand your knowledge of the music business - for students, teachers, and professionals."
    Room 204
  • James Campbell, Rob Parks, Ben Wahlund

    Education Panel Discussion: "Teaching Today's Generation"
    Room 201
  • John Kilkenny - George Mason University

    George Mason University Percussion Ensemble
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • Sherry Rubins

    Be A Healthy Musician Workshop: "Pound. Rockout. Workout."
    Room 209
  • John Kilkenny, Jauvon Gilliam

    Symphonic Panel Discussion: "Multi-tasking and the Modern Symphonic Percussionist"
    Room 201
  • Josh Gottry, Michael Burritt

    Composition Panel Discussion: "Equipping the Future: Preparing the Emerging Percussionist/Composer"
    Room 201
  • Steve Shapiro

    Clinic/Performance: "How to be Heard: Using Mics, Amplification, and Audio Processing with Acoustic Mallet Instruments"
    Room 105
  • Anders Astrand

    Showcase Concert: Anders Astrand & Soundscape
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • John Lane

    Snare Drum FUNdamentals: "A Foundation for Practice"
    Room 204
  • Marc Dicciani

    Master Class: "Highly Effective Practice Techniques for the Drumset"
    Room 105
  • Iain Moyer

    Marching Clinic: "The Genius and The Assassin: The Modern-Day Front Ensemble Arranger and Instructor"
    Wabash Ballroom
  • Jason Baker, Thad Anderson, Michael Sammons

    Pedagogy Panel Discussion: "Maintaining Scholarly Output and Performance While Teaching"
    Room 201
  • Robert Chappell, Stuart Marrs

    (Ensamble de Percusión Costa Rica Uned International Showcase)
    Room 120
  • Michael Burritt

    (Evening Concert: Then and Now: 30th Anniversary of the NEA Concert)
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • Brad Meyer

    Health & Wellness Clinic: "Taking Care of Yourself: Identifying, Avoiding, and Treating 'Burnout'"
    Room 204
  • Dave Black, Donny Gruendler

    Drum Set Panel Discussion: "The State of Intellectual Property for Drummers"
    Room 201
  • Tracy Wiggins

    Timpani FUNdamentals: "Tuning, Tone, and Timing"
    Room 204
  • Chris Davis

    (Vibraphone FUNdamentals)
    Room 204
  • Rusty Burge, Steve Houghton

    Steve Houghton and AHA! Trio, featuring Rusty Burge
    Room 120
  • Carolina Crown

    Carolina Crown Percussion Section Clinic
    Sagamore Ballroom
  • Ed Soph

    Clinic: "Developing A Rhythmic Foundation for Jazz Improvisation"
    Ballroom 500

Check out theses videos from Yamaha Artist about PASIC16!

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