Outdoor Speakers

Play Outdoors

Play where you play. Enjoy music and audio wherever you play with our distinguished lines of all-weather speakers.

Easily Expand

Go outdoors and enjoy music. Many of our AV receivers and stereo receivers have Zone 2, Zone B or speaker B connections that can be used for powering a set of outdoor speakers.

All Weather Sound

Whether it is rainbows and butterflies or cloudy skies, we have all-weather speakers for all weather conditions.


Exclusive dual tweeter configuration for a wide space listening enjoyment.


Unique shape provides a wide variety of installation option.


High performance outdoor speakers with outstanding sound quality and weather proofing.

Sound for All Spaces

No two families or homes are the same. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, get the right size and feel for your space.

Before You Install

Read these precautions carefully before setting up your Yamaha outdoor speakers.

  • When installing these speakers outdoors, try to minimize their exposure to rain and snow by mounting the speaker in corners or under eaves.
  • Since these speakers are to be wall/ceiling mounted, it is essntial that they are firmly secured. Be sure to consult a reliable source about the best type of fastener for your particular wall/ceiling’s construction.
  • Do not attach them to thin plywood or soft wall/ceiling surface materials as the screws may tear free, causing the speakers to fall and be damaged, or reult in personal injury.
  • Do not fasten the speakers to wall/ceiling with nails, adhesives, or other unsafe hardware. Long-term use and vibrations may cause them to pull free.
  • Do not place the speakers where they are liable to be knocked over struck by falling objects. Stable placement will also ensure better sound performance.
  • When changing the angle of the speakers, be sure to adjust the angle after loosening the knob on both sides. The speakers may be damaged by excessive power.
  • Lower the power amplifier/receiver volume control before changing input sources. Always turn the amplifier/receiver unit off when installing or removing input cables.
  • Anytime you note distortion, reduce the the volume control on your power amplifier/receiver to a lower setting. Never allow your power amplifier to be driving into "clipping".
  • Do not attempt to modify or fix the speakers. Contact qualified Yamaha service personnel when any service is needed. The cabinet should never be opend for any reasons.
  • Secure placement or installation is the owner’s responsibility. Yamaha shall not be liable for any accident caused by improper placement or installation of speakers.
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