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neoHD WiFi Media Controller
neoHD WiFi
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Enjoy all your AV sources with a single high quality media controller. One remote control gives you total media management.

The neoHD Media Controllers are completely different than ordinary AV receivers. Instead of more functions, more buttons and more complicated operation, their basic concept is simplicity. You can connect all the equipment that you use to enjoy audio and video, and operate them all with one simple remote control! No more bother with multiple remotes. The on-screen display has an icon-based interface that's extremely easy to use, and the sound system is also simplified-you'll enjoy realistic surround sound even from just two speakers. neoHD: one look tells you this is a new idea in home entertainment.

No studying manuals, no confusing procedures - just quick and easy operation First you have to set up your AV system for optimum surround sound. Complicated? Not at all! In fact, the neoHD Media Controller does it all for you, using Yamaha's automatic YPAO setup system. Then it's time to start enjoying your music, games, TV and movies from any of the sources you've hooked up. Operation is refreshingly simple...even the basic design of the remote control is reassuring. All you need to do is touch a few buttons and adjust the volume. No complicated choices or adjustments are necessary. And you'll really like the clear and simple GUI (graphical user interface). You simply select Watch, Listen or Play using the cursor on the remote control, then choose your desired source. All the other menus, such as song lists, are also easy to view and understand.

Enjoy ALL Your Favorite Entertainment
Three HDMI inputs mean you can connect three high-definition AV sources, like a Blu-ray Disc player, a digital set-top box and an Apple TV. There are also two component video inputs so you can connect both a game machine and a DVR, such as TiVo, and a composite video input for VCR. In addition, the YMC-700 links to your desktop PC or laptop via Ethernet or WiFi, letting you enjoy all your music files as well as streaming music via Internet Radio and Rhapsody.

Connect Your Portable Devices
If you have music stored on USB memory sticks or USB portable audio players, you can plug them into the USB port and select them via the remote control. You can also connect two optional docks: the YDS-11 for docking an iPod and the YBA-10 for enjoying music wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, Windows PC or Mac.

IR Control of Other Network Components
Your neoHD unit can function as an IR remote junction, with three IR Outs allowing wireless control of up to six other AV components. For example, you can operate a TV, a Blu-ray Disc player and a set-top box using the neoHD remote control.

True Surround Sound from Just Two Speakers
Based on Yamaha's CINEMA DSP technology, AIR SURROUND XTREME is dramatically different than other two-channel "surround" systems. It really puts the sound around you, with clear sounds like dialogue from the front, and other sounds to the sides and behind you. Add a subwoofer for the powerful bass you expect from multi-channel music and movies. When you use neoHD with a 5.1-channel speaker configuration, you can take advantage of six of Yamaha's most popular CINEMA DSP programs for realistic and dynamic surround sound.

Yamaha's exclusive AIR SURROUND XTREME achieves surround sound with clarity and sound imaging unlike any other two-speaker system. You hear clear dialogue from the front, with distinctly separate surround sounds and smooth sound movement around the sound field.

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