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Feature A

The way people enjoy music is changing dramatically. More music is available online and more music is being stored on computers. Building on our past experience in home networks, Yamaha now offers music enjoyment freedom with the MusicCAST2 system. MusicCAST2 connects to your home network, so your entire family can easily enjoy whatever music they want, whenever they want and wherever they are in the home.

What separates MusicCAST2 from other home network systems is that your existing audio system can be easily integrated, thanks to flexible and comprehensive controllability.

MusicCAST2 allows you to connect your PC to listen to music files, Internet Radio and the subscription-based Rhapsody music service, and get the convenience of iPod docking, a USB port and Bluetooth compatibility. It also becomes a wireless network system for enjoying Yamaha Network Receivers, DLNA products and NAS devices via WiFi. With MusicCAST2, you can listen to:

  • Internet content (Internet Radio, Rhapsody, etc.)
  • PC content (MP3, WMA, etc.)
  • Music from iTunes (using bundled TwonkyMedia server software)
  • iPod (via YDS-11 Dock connected to Network Music Player)
  • Bluetooth A2DP device content (via YBA-10 Dock connected to Network Music Player)
  • DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) products
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Music stored on USB sticks

Feature A
Feature C

In addition to wirelessly managing music content, MusicCAST2 offers a unique ability to control devices from other manufacturers. Either through conventional IR or the network, the MusicCAST2 Commander lets the user control the basic operations of connected system devices via an intuitive GUI display.

When MusicCAST2 and a Yamaha Network Receiver are in the same home network, the Commander functions as a multi-zone remote control unit. The MusicCAST2 system can be used to operate various functions of the RX-V3900 and RX-Z7 receivers via a WiFi network, even if the receiver is located in a different room.

By using the Yamaha receiver's Intelligent Amp Assignability, the user can enjoy 5.1-channel home theater in the main room and 2-channel stereo in Zone 2 (requires speaker wires from the receiver to all speakers).

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