multi-channel surround!

The Digital Sound Projector is designed to be used in rooms of various size and shape. It can be positioned in the front-center of the room or in either of the front corners, see room type digrams below:


Five-Beam: All five channels - L, R, C, Ls and Rs -are given separate orientations. Sound is beamed off the walls to create the effect of a surround system with rear speakers.
Stereo: The left and right woofers, with the multiple beam speakers acting as tweeters, reproduce the effect of conventional stereo speakers.
Three-Beam: Three beams are produced: L+ Ls, R+ Rs and C. A surround sound effect is created by reflecting the sound off the walls.
Stereo + Three-Beam: The L and R channels are produced using stereo mode while C, Ls and Rs are produced using beaming. This mode is effective when the Digital Sound Projector placed in a corner.
Target Mode: A single beam is focused on one specific direction providing a specific area with audio from the YSP… great for listening outside the normal preset area. (Available only on YSP-800/YSP-1000.)