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DGX202Touch a button on the new DGX202 and the keyboard may well respond - in English. And when it comes to instrument sounds, this keyboard belts out a beautiful stereo-sampled piano voice with dynamic filtering, the pinnacle of Yamaha's acoustic and digital piano expertise.

With the Yamaha Education Suite (YES), the DGX202 performs the dual roles of instrument and music teacher. Spoken instructions and pointers guide novice musicians through lessons, chords, and left- and right-handed playing. To make the learning experience complete, a printed music book contains all the internal songs.

Playing piano is fast and easy with Yamaha's Portable Grand function. One dedicated button instantly recalls the exceptional piano sound and sets up the keyboard to play as a piano in full keyboard mode.

With Yamaha's remarkable new Music Database, you simply choose the song you want from the database and the keyboard arranges itself accordingly.

The PC button is totally new. Now, when you connect your computer to your portable keyboard, instead of wading through function menus and fighting through a maze of selections, one button is your expressway to music on your computer and the world wide web.

The DGX202 is a stunning example of performance and value resulting from cutting-edge technology with flash ROM, allowing you to download music and store it in the on-board, non-volatile memory. The performance and features of this portable keyboards are professional, and it is still easy to carry and can be battery operated.

Even with their low prices, these keyboards are incredibly deep with premium features, including:

  • bass ports for enhanced sound
  • 76 full-sized touch-sensitive keys
  • 32 notes of polyphony
  • Advanced Wave Memory tone generation technology
  • icon-based LCD display
  • pitch bend wheel
  • MIDI IN/OUT connectors
  • General MIDI compatible

    01V96 Digital MixerFollowing closely on the heels of our recently introduced 02R96 digital console comes a new generation partner for the industry-leading 01V...the 01V96. Despite the similarity in names, the 01V96 provides a significantly enhanced feature set made possible by advancements in Yamaha's proprietary DSP chip technology:

    • 36 inputs @ 24-bit, 96kHz
    • 8 busses & 8 auxs
    • 17 X 100mm motorized faders
    • Four 32-bit internal effect processors
    • One 16-channel card slot
    • 320 X 240 dot LCD display
    • 12 analog inserts
    • Flexible digital patch bay
    • 8 channels of ADAT I/O
    • Word Clock I/O
    • Templates for DAW integration
    • Transport control via user defined keys
    • WAVES Y56K card support
    • Studio Manager software
    Availability: April 2003


    MG Analog Mixer

    Recognizing the strong growth potential that exists in the small to mid-sized sound reinforcement market, Yamaha launches the new MG series of analog mixers to cover multiple applications, including PA, project studio, classroom, house of worship, personal monitoring and sub-mixing uses. The six models cover a broad range of sizes, features, and price points.

    MG10/2            May 2003
    MG12/4            March 2003
    MG16/4            March 2003
    MG16/6FX        May 2003
    MG24/14FX     July 2003
    MG32/14FX     July 2003


    P250 Stage PianoEver since the P200 was first released over 5 years ago, musical legends like Michael McDonald, Keith Sweat, Tim Carmon (Eric Clapton), Clifford Carter (James Taylor), and Steve Hornbeake (Faith Hill) have used it on stage and in the studio when they needed the absolute best piano sound available. Now Yamaha is proud to announce the next member in the legendary P-series family of professional stage pianos, the new P250. The P250 sets a new standard for sound quality and raises the bar on what to expect in a professional digital piano.

    The P250 features three levels of Yamaha CFIII grand piano stereo samples for dynamic selection according to your touch on the keyboard. The result is a delicacy of tone and expression that emulates the experience of playing a real piano. And to give the P250 an even more richly detailed sound, note off samples, string resonance samples and sound board samples simulate the acoustic interaction between different notes.

    The P250 redefines the features for a professional stage piano including:

    • Graded Hammer, 88-note, weighted-action keyboard for realistic piano feel
    • 128 Notes of polyphony
    • Acoustic piano voices with three velocity DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling); Note Off samples, String Resonance samples for realism and expressiveness
    • 38 Panel voices, plus an extra 480 XG voices for a complete palette of sounds
    • 16-Track song recorder with 223 Songs and 770KB of internal flash memory
    • Digital reverb and digital effects, dual mode and split mode, MIDI/TO HOST PC interface
    • Built-in speaker system with 16cm polypropylene woofers and 30 watts stereo amplifier
    Available January 2003

    Motif Rack


    Perhaps the most requested Yamaha product of the past year has been a rack mount module version of the award-winning Motif synthesizer. We probably could have just scaled the Motif down into a rack version, but we wanted to take Motif technology to the next level. So the new rack is not only affordable, it uses a newly designed sound chip that allowed the engineers to include the most requested new hardware features for Motif. The Motif Rack is perfect for both Motif owners who want to expand the power of their Motif system or those who already have plenty of other keyboards and just want the Motif sounds in a convenient rack mount size.

    Available January 2003

    • 128 Notes of polyphony
    • Preset voices: 896 normal voices (incl. GM bank), 65 drum kits
    • User voices: 256 normal voices, 32 drum kits
    • Motif effects plus newly designed Reverb algorithm, 4 insert effects and 3 band EQs per Part in Multi Mode
    • Stereo OUT, 4 individual OUT, Digital Out (optical and coaxial)
    • MSPS plug-in slot x 2


    Everything about the Tyros is stunning, from its striking looks to its groundbreaking MegaVoice technology, which mixes the physical characteristics of instruments with stereo samples for unrivaled realism. Tyros' powerful features are strictly professional caliber, although novice keyboardists and songwriters will also benefit from its robust accompaniment capabilities.

    • 61-Note portable keyboard
    • NEW MegaVoice technology complete with the physical characteristics of sampled instruments
    • Built-in digital audio system with several different formats for speakers
    • Control surfaces designed for high visibility in low light environments
    • Digital mixer
    • Microphone input, vocal harmonizer
    • Huge adjustable color display
    • Pitch bend and mod wheels; Aftertouch
    • GM compatibility
    • USB computer connection
    • Large "Music Finder" music database
    • 126-Note polyphony
    • Direct access, one-touch settings, and on-screen guidance for quick settings changes
    • Help screens in 6 languages
    Silent Steel Guitar


    Silent Steel BagOver the past year, guitarists have lovingly performed with our SLG100N silent nylon string guitar on stages and in recording studios all over the world. The only complaint? Where's the steel string version? Introducing the new SLG100S Silent Steel. Silent Steel features a maple body with a mahogany/rosewood neck. A new custom designed L.R. Baggs Pickup mated with a superb new Yamaha preamp. Two types of natural sounding reverb. An AUX IN, allowing private headphone jamming and practice. Headphone out and line out. A lightweight composite frame that disassembles for easy travel. A sleek new, compact headstock. Of course, it comes with its own gig bag, ear buds and power supply.

    Silent Steel. An encore to a great performance.


    MontageTrust your instrument to a name that is synonymous with quality musical instruments. Making a guitar is an art form requiring a high level of sensitivity and deep dedication. Yamaha craftsmen have honed their skills to perfection, and the results are obvious in the guitars they make. There are only a few craftsmen with this level of dedication found worldwide. These same craftsmen also require that only the best care products be used in maintaining their musical masterpieces.

    Yamaha produces a wide array of accessories designed and formulated expressly for the care and longevity of your guitar.


    AES620 GuitarOur new AES620 is an emotional rock machine of the highest magnitude. Sporting a carved, highly figured Maple top, this handsome set-neck instrument speaks through a Seymour Duncan JB™ bridge pickup and a custom humbucker in the neck position. Separate volume controls for front and rear pickups, a master tone control, and a three-way toggle selector get you from power chords to solo in no time. The smooth Nato/Rosewood neck feels like an extension of your arm. Rich new colors include Faded Burst, Translucent Dark Red, and Royal Blue. AES620 - If you rock, your vehicle is ready.



    The new five-piece Maple Custom, Birch Custom and Beech Custom Absolute drums have added some great features. All snare drums and toms feature light weight yet rigid aluminum die-cast hoops which provide very focused sound, longer sustain and more consistent tuning. Bass drums now feature a new spur with a larger diameter leg and die-cast claw hooks with tension rod inserts that make changing heads easier. Also available with a "Nouveau" lug casing. This lug allows for a quick change in drum heads and does not contact the shell except for a single bolt at the nodal point. A selection of over 30 custom colors and eleven core colors are now available, giving drummers more finish options than ever before.


    MushashiRecently, the Yamaha Oak Custom kit surprised the drumming community with its unusual material and the unique combination of stunning appearance, innovative construction, and exceptional sonic qualities. Yamaha continues to explore the possibilities of Oak with the introduction of the Musashi snare drum line.

    The NSD-1365M and the NSD-1260M are professional, small-diameter snare drums that can be used as main or effect snares. Their shells are constructed of 6-ply, 100% Oak, a material known for its brilliant grain and unsurpassed strength and durability. Named for the legendary 16th-century samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, both models evoke the spirit of a warrior's weapon with an aggressive look and a distinctive, bright, and remarkably loud sound that's ideal for live performances.

    Both models come sheathed in a gloss black Oak finish. The NSD-1365M features a 13" x 61/2" shell, while the NSD-1260M incorporates a slightly smaller 12" x 6" shell but adds a black-stained Groove-Wedge. The deeper shells make these drums extremely versatile, while the hard Oak frame gives them an intensive attack worthy of a samurai.


    Signature Series bags are all custom designed to fit the needs of specific instruments. However, all Signature Series bags were designed with three important things in mind: Protection, Portability, and Price. Thick foam padding, bottom, back and side vinyl reinforcements, and corner guards shield the instrument from damage. Padded "Hands Free Towing" shoulder strap, 2 rivet-reinforced handles and tough inset wheels allow for easy transport. Pleated exterior pockets, mesh interior pockets, and dual self-repairing custom zipper pulls create an unbelievable package at an incredibly affordable price.

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