Q. Is there any impact on people's health?

A. With INFOSOUND, it is possible to transmit information without using high volume levels that might affect health. INFOSOUND uses sounds in high-frequency bands in the range of 18-20 kHz, which are inaudible to most people. Even if there are people who can hear the sounds, they will not sound unpleasant like the sound of a mosquito might.

Q. Is it possible to analyze logs?

A. Access status can be reviewed. You can use it to track effectiveness.

INFOSOUND signal (sounds to be used for communication)

Q. How long (in seconds) are the sound sources to be used for communication?

A. The sounds (INFOSOUND signal) to be used for communication are about one second long. It is possible to edit the sounds to the required length through repetitions of the INFOSOUND signal.

Q. Can I use them where it is noisy?

A. INFOSOUND uses high frequencies that do not readily interfere with the human voice or music, so, it can be used in an environment where people are talking or music is playing in the background.

Smartphones / Apps

Q. Is it possible to create original applications?

A. Yes. We offer INFOSOUND's features in a Software Development Kit (SDK), so they can be embedded in original applications.

Q. Can INFOSOUND be used with any smartphone?

A. As of January 2014, INFOSOUND can be used with all iOS models and many Android models.

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