Applications:In-store communications

Applications:In-store communications


  • INFOSOUND can transmit information over a smaller area than GPS or WiFi, but wider than NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. By taking advantage of the difficulty with which sound passes through walls, it is possible to limit transmission to the inside of a store. For example, it is possible to transmit information on a one-to-many basis, limiting the target to "people that entered the store," or "people near a certain shelf."
  • By using several INFOSOUND IDs, dynamic communication that matches the position of customers in the store can be achieved.
  • Because INFOSOUND uses a high-frequency band that is inaudible to most people, it will not affect background music playing in the store and can be used without ruining the atmosphere of the store.


  • Customers can be encouraged to visit a store through store-visit points that are awarded to visiting customers.
  • Distribute in-store sales coupons and other coupons to visitors' smartphones.
  • Display recommended products on visitors' smartphones according to their position in the store.
  • Analyze supplementary data on store visits by customers and their movement paths based on access logs.

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Q. Is it possible to create unique applications for a store?

A. Yes. We offer INFOSOUND features in a Software Development Kit (SDK), which can be embedded in a store's own application.

Q. Can INFOSOUND be used in a noisy environment?

A. INFOSOUND uses high frequencies that do not readily interfere with the human voice or music, so it can be used in crowded stores where people are talking or music is playing in the background.

Q. Is it possible to analyze logs?

A. INFOSOUND can be used to link apps with a server to check access status such as "when," "who," and "where" for verification and improvement of promotions.

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