Receiving digital information by sound is a very novel experience. Event attendees can be entertained by premium content and other information distributed to their smartphones.

  • INFOSOUND uses a high-frequency band that is inaudible to most people. Because it has almost no effect on audio such as background music, announcements, and narration, INFOSOUND can be used in such a way that it merges with the progress of the event.
  • INFOSOUND does not require any special speakers. In most cases, the speakers commonly used at events can be used.


  • Distribution of content limited to event participants.
  • Distribution of information in synch with the progress of an event.
  • Promotion of movement within the event venue by placing incentives accessible through smartphones in multiple locations within the venue.

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Q. Can INFOSOUND be used in a noisy environment?

A. INFOSOUND uses high frequencies that do not readily interfere with the human voice or music, so it can be used in environments where people are talking or music is playing in the background.

Q. Is it possible to create an application unique to an event?

A. Yes. We offer INFOSOUND's features in a Software Development Kit (SDK), so they can be embedded in the event's own applications.

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