Woori Bank

Woori Bank

Models installed
1,000 pcs of PJP-20UR and 32 pcs of PJP-50USB
Date of installation
April 2010
Overview of Woori Bank

Woori bank is the second biggest bank by assets size in Korea.
802 branch offices (bank) in Korea, 44 overseas offices in the other countries and total staffs are around 150,000.
Location: 2 Ga Hyehun_Dong Joung_Gu, Seoul, Korea

Website: Open in new window http://www.wooribank.com/

Background to the adoption of PJP models

We frequently have meetings between our branch offices in Korea and overseas. There been many requests from employees to adopt on-line conferencing due to the time-saving and work efficiency that it offers. Although we had previously trialed two sets of hardware codec-based equipment in some areas, we were unable to utilize it fully due to the limited areas in which it was available. Previously our bank network and PCs were not powerful enough to use a software codec solution, but a recent upgrade to both prompted us to implement a software codec-based solution at all branches in order to reduce cost and facilitate smooth communications between branches. Initially we planned to use the software codec with headsets, but after finding them inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear, we altered our plans and decided to use microphones speakers with echo cancellation.

Reasons behind the selection of PJP models

Before purchasing, Woori Bank carried out BMT (Bench Marking Tests) on several web conference software suites and microphone speakers, during which the PJP20UR and PJP50USB stood out for the natural voice sound that they offer and the lack of echo. Other winning features were the cool, compact design of the PJP products, their portability, the ease with which they can be carried, the simplicity with which their functions can be deployed through software, and the speaker mute. The PJP also allows us to hold remote meetings in a variety of situations, which is very useful. After considering the size of our offices and meeting rooms, we decided to install 1,000 PJP20UR units and 32 PJP50USB units throughout all of our branch offices in April 2010.

Results of installation

The PJP20UR has been provided to general managers of all branch offices and directors at our headquarters facilities. These managers utilize the PJPs whenever multi-location and/or multi-person meetings are required, and are very satisfied with the performance offered.

Although initially we expected to use PJPs at least once a month, currently they are used to hold remote meetings at over 130 offices five times per day, and are much more effective than we expected.

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