Tokamachi City

Tokamachi City

Models installed
1 × PJP-EC200, 5 × PJP-50USB, 1 × PJP25UR
Date of installation
March 2012 (PJP-50USB/25UR), August 2012 (PJP-EC200) (PJP-EC200)
Basic configuration
Combined with the FRESH VOICE web conference system from A-net, Inc. to create a conference system linking the main office and four branch offices, which also functions as an emergency meeting tool for disaster situations.
Overview of Tokamachi City

Located in Niigata prefecture, Tokamachi is a region of scenic beauty with many areas where farmland meets forest, and was chosen as to be part of the “100 Japanese Rice Terraces” initiative. Average snowfall in exceeds two meters, and as an area from which snow festivals originated, Tokamachi also attracts many tourists.
The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, which is held every three years, is internationally-renowned. Unusually for a mountain area, in addition to key industries such as textiles and agriculture, Tokamachi is also home to many software companies.

Linking the PJP Series with the FRESH VOICE web conference system to enhance the efficiency of meetings between people at main office and branch offices, and to implement an emergency communications network

Background to the adoption of PJP models

Evaluating the renewal of remote conference systems essential to areas with heavy snowfall

  • Region characterized by disasters and heavy snowfall
  • Remote conference systems essential
  • Numerous problems with previous TV conference systems

The Chuetsu Earthquake that struck Niigata Prefecture in October 2004 also registered a high six (on the Japanese earthquake scale) in Tokamachi City. Tokamachi was nationally designated as an area which was subject to heavy disaster, and accordingly, in 2005, fiber-optic cable was embedded in-ground between approximately 100 administrative facilities, including the main office and various branch offices, in order to establish a disaster-resistant regional intranet. At the same time, the city installed a remote TV conference system to help reduce cost and travel time for those having to travel for meetings between Tokamachi's administrative bodies, which are spread over an expansive area and also subject to heavy snowfall. However, there were many problems with the TV conference system installed initially. Over and above the difficulties with configuration and use, this system relied on dedicated devices produced overseas, was expensive to operate and maintain, and used parts that were not easy to obtain in the event of a failure. These shortcomings meant that a renewal of the system was urgently required.

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Reasons for selecting the PJP models

High regard for the expandability of the web conference system and superb performance of the PJP Series

  • FRESH VOICE, allows locations to be added easily
  • PJP is recommended by web conference vendors
  • Voice quality and usability have been well received

Tokamachi set out the following three requirements for its new remote conference system: 1) Affordable installation and maintenance. 2) Expandability that allows new locations to be added with ease. 3) Easy to configure and operate. These factors prompted the city to select the FRESH VOICE web conference system from A-net, Inc. This product differs from conventional hardware-based TV conference systems in that locations for installation can be added simply and cheaply, just by installing the software. The high quality of video, and the ability to share meeting material, and to share mapping information during emergencies, was also a factor in this decision. The Yamaha PJP Series was chosen as the microphone/speaker combination for use with the web conference system, and has been highly recommended by A-net, Inc, receiving praise for the quality of its sound, ease of use, affordability, and an extensive product lineup that makes it suitable for a range of applications.

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Results of the adoption of PJP models

Reducing the time and cost of meetings significantly, and improving administrative communication

  • Three types of PJP for different applications
  • Major improvements in efficiency of normal meetings
  • Higher level applications are being considered for the future

Tokamachi City uses three types of PJP to fit different meeting applications. For department manager bi-monthly meetings between the large meeting room of the main office and four branch offices, a high-performance PJP-EC200 echo canceller is used to provide comfortable two-way communication. Furthermore, for staff training workshops, instructors use portable PCs together with the PJP-25UR to flexibly conduct remote meetings from the small meeting rooms of the main office. Additionally, PJP-50USB units have been installed in four branch offices and are used daily for meetings of five or six people. The time and cost for meetings have been greatly reduced through the installation of the PJP Series, significantly improving Tokamachi's administrative communication. Tokamachi aims to utilize the superb capabilities of the web conference system and the PJP Series, evaluating the use of devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs to attend meetings in emergency situations, and plans to expand their use in a broad range of administrative facilities such as daycare centers and elementary and middle schools.

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By linking web conferencing with the PJP Series, we have made usual meetings more efficient, simultaneously constructing an emergency communications system for use in times of disaster.

The customer's voice

FRESH VOICE and PJP have been well received for their cost, expandability, and usability, and have created an essential administrative communications system for Tokamachi city.

We are very pleased with the FRESH VOICE web conference system and the Yamaha PJP Series. They fulfill all of our requirements for cost, expandability, and usability, and contribute to making a wide range of meetings more efficient. We are currently considering utilizing these benefits to allow people to take part in meetings over wireless networks using their smartphones or tablet PCs. The ability to use both video and voice to convey onsite information in emergency situations holds significant merit, and we believe that this system will prove to be an extremely useful tool when coping with emergencies. (Mr.Sano)

Prior to using the PJP-EC200, we had been using the PJP-50USB for department manager meetings between branch offices and the large meeting room in the main office. With approximately 40 people present in the large meeting room for meetings, we initially used a hand-held microphone. However, this made it difficult for those in the branch offices to understand what was being said. Following the installation of the PJP-EC200 echo canceller, the sound heard at the branch offices improved dramatically. Presently, we are able to hold meetings smoothly without an active awareness of the meeting system, and it is proving to be extremely useful. (Mr.Watanabe)

Mr.Seiichi Sano
Section Chief

Tokamachi City
Information Systems Section,
General Affairs Division,
General Affairs Department

Mr.Takayuki Watanabe
Senior Staff

Tokamachi City
Information Systems Section,
General Affairs Division,
General Affairs Department

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Description of the Tokamachi web conference system

The system utilizes three different PJP Series products, depending on the purpose and numbers attending meetings. The system is used in a wide variety of situations, from small training sessions to large-scale meetings of department managers.

  • Utilizes the FRESH VOICE web conference system/ FRESH VOICE is a server-side system that supports stable use. It offers excellent audio and video quality, and since it is installed on a dedicated server within the user's network, it provides the assurance of security.
  • The PJP Series, suitable for use in a variety of applications ○PJP-EC200/ Installed in the large meeting room, the PJP-EC200 is used at events such as the bi-monthly department managers' meeting (which is attended by approximately 40 people in the large meeting room at the main office, and five or six people at each of four branch offices) ○PJP-50USB/ Installed in meeting rooms at four branch offices, the PJP-50USB is used for occasions such as training sessions and department manager meetings. ○PJP-25UR/ Installed in small meeting rooms at the main office, the PJP-25UR is used in a variety of situations such as training workshops. This system is portable and therefore offers flexibility to users.

A training session held in the large meeting room at the main office

The screen used for controlling FRESH VOICE at events such as department manager meetings

The PJP-EC200 installed in the operating machinery box in the large meeting room in the main office

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Sales partner's voice

Mr.Wataru Onoe,
Capital Region Sales Division Manager,
A-net, Inc.

We endorse the PJP Series and wholeheartedly recommend it for use in any situation.

We wholeheartedly recommend the Yamaha PJP Series. In addition to cost and performance in areas such as audio quality, Yamaha is able to respond to the requests of its customers and offers comprehensive support. For a web conference system, it is essential to allow customers to test a demonstration product in a real-world environment. Yamaha responds willingly to such requests and provides outstanding service should any problems arise. We will continue to recommend the PJP Series to a wide range of customers in combination with our FRESH VOICE product.

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Product Lineup


[Conference Echo Cancellers]

Powerful echo cancelling in settings from small to large conference rooms.


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

With its high pickup performance, the PJP-50USB is the ideal microphone speaker for Web conferences and softphones.

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