The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd

The San-in Godo Bank, Ltd

Models installed
20 x PJP-50USB, 141 x PJP-20UR
Date of installation
October 2010 to February 2012
Basic configuration
Used together with the “LiveOn: Intrapack Version” web conference system from Japan Media Systems Corp. installed with the PJP Series at all branches. Fully utilized for training for Branches, various briefings, etc.
Corporate overview (As of March 31, 2012)
July 1, 1941
20.7 billion yen
Head office location:
10 Sakana-machi, Matsue-shi, Shimane-Ken
Sales locations:
Branches (including Head Office): 93, Branches: 51, Agencies: 26
Main accounts:
Total assets: 4.0939 trillion yen     Deposits: 3.5849 trillion yen
Loans: 2.2307 trillion yen     Securities 1.4784 trillion yen
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“LiveOn” web conferencing system combined with the PJP Series to enhance in-bank communications and efficiency

Background to the adoption of PJP models

Addresses the need for increased efficiency in training and meetings in large sales areas.

  • Branches located throughout a broad area
  • The need to reduce the time and cost of business trips
  • More new products makes additional training necessary

San-in Godo Bank is a regional bank headquartered in Matsue City. In addition to an area spanning three hundred kilometers from east to west across Shimane and Tottori prefectures, San-in Godo Bank has locations in the Sanyo and Hyogo regions and the Oki Islands, and is continuing to expand its operations across a broad area. Events such as product briefings and training sessions which were previously held at the head office were costly and required a lot of travel time, and the small size of many of the bank’s branches made maintaining efficient operations at these branches difficult when staff were away attending these events. Moreover, the bank now deals with more products such as investment trusts and insurance, which require specialist knowledge and make frequent training sessions and meetings increasingly necessary. In order to address these concerns, the bank elected to consider the installation of remote conference systems, starting assessment in 2010. Beginning in January 2011, the “LiveOn” web conference system was installed at all branches together with PJP-50USB/20UR that were to be used as microphone/speaker combinations for web conferences.

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Reasons for selecting the PJP models

Praise for the usability of the PJP Series linked with the web conference system

  • “LiveOn” meets the required conditions
  • Simple connection via USB for ease of use
  • Excellent sound quality and adaptable for many applications

San-in Godo Bank evaluated web conference systems from six companies for installation, deciding on “LiveOn” from Japan Media Systems Corp. for the following reasons.

  1. The web conference system server is installed on the bank’s internal LAN so it is secure
  2. No dedicated network or devices are required
  3. Simple enough for anyone to use
  4. Meets all of the bank’s requirements for application sharing, and for seminars via web conferencing

The Yamaha PJP Series was chosen as the microphone/speaker due to its superb sound and usability, since the products can be used simply by connecting via USB. Although headsets were initially distributed to smaller locations, this meant that only one person could attend training sessions and meetings, which caused problems. Ten months after operations began all of these headsets were replaced with the PJP-20UR.

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Results of the adoption of PJP models

Increased quality and volume improved internal communications

  • Very effective for sharing information between sales locations
  • Reduces operational load at the head office
  • A greater variety of applications are being considered for the future

Installing “LiveOn” and the PJP series contributed to a considerable change in communications at San-in Godo Bank. These systems have been very effective in improving the sharing of information, reducing cost and time for business trips at sales offices, and allowing multiple people to attend training and meetings for which only one person could previously attend. For the head office, while it was previously necessary for instructors to hold the same training sessions multiple times in order for all branches to understand how to use each of the subsystems within the bank, the new systems allow for recordings of the training content to be distributed amongst the branches, thus reducing the work load. San-in Godo Bank plans to expand the applications for which the web conference system is used, and anticipates dividing the group training conducted at the training center into separate rooms, as well as using it to conduct daily meetings between branches. The bank is also evaluating the possibility of using the system as an emergency communications network in disaster situations when telephones are not functioning.

“LiveOn” and the PJP Series have improved the quality and volume of communications within the San-in Godo Bank.

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Linking the PJP Series with the web conference systems installed at all branches has reduced training and meeting time and cost, and allows for high-level information sharing.
Internal communications at the bank have improved significantly.

The customer's voice

The web conference system is an essential communication tool for our bank, and we have used it in a range of applications, including training and meetings, from the time it was installed.

The web conference system from Japan Media Systems Corp. and Yamaha’s PJP Series have already become indispensable communication tools for our bank. For example, we use the system every day after 3:00 p.m. for training sessions run by our human resources division, seminars on custody assets, product briefings, operational seminars dealing with revisions to the loan system, internal meetings, and lectures from board members. Installing the web conference system has revolutionized the way we communicate at our bank. (Mr.Tanaka)

We use the PJP-50USB for relatively large meetings and the PJP-20UR for meetings at all other locations. Both systems can be easily connected via USB, which is very important to us. When we installed these systems in each of our Branches we only distributed one operations manual and didn’t hold any briefings in particular. Nevertheless, we received no complaints that the system was difficult to use, and installation has been free from any difficulties. The sound quality of the PJP has lived up to expectations, and our staff use the system without having to be aware of it. I think that we will find many more applications for using it in the future. (Mr.Ishihara)

Mr.Hiroyuki Tanaka
Management Planning

Mr.Shuichi Ishihara
Operations Administration

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Outline and applications of the San-in Godo Bank web meeting system

Training held by the human resources division

Web conferencing follows a yearly program for office and sales staff training, as well as to provide guidance and training for bank officers. Separately, the system is used for personnel evaluations, career planning-related training, and for group-based training, such as workshops where participants are separated into groups.

Branch training and briefings held by the head office

Installation of the web conference system has facilitated active communication. After 3:00 p.m., web conferencing is regularly used for various meetings or training, such as training and briefings on deposit assets, compliance officer lectures, compliance training held by board members for staff at Branches, operational training dealing with upgrades to the banks internal systems, internal meetings, and communications between board members.

Outline of PJP equipment

  • Head office 1 x PJP-50USB, 13 x PJP-20UR
  • Operations center 1 x PJP-50USB
  • Branches, etc. 18 x PJP-50USB, 128 x PJP-20UR

A new product briefing held between the head office and all Branches

The PJP-50USB is also used for meetings of relatively large meetings

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Sales partner's voice

Mr.Atsushi Takahashi,
System Division 4,
Probizmo Co., Ltd.

We recommend the PJP Series. Its usability and quality sound are its biggest features

When we sell “LiveOn” from Japan Media Systems Corp, we always recommend the Yamaha PJP series for use. These products are both characterized by excellent sound quality, require no drivers, and are easy to use for anyone, since they only require connection via USB. For “LiveOn” which emphasizes quality as a selling point, the PJP Series, with its quality sound, trouble-free operation, and frequent software upgrades, is an impressive mike/speaker combination that we feel comfortable in recommending.

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Product Lineup


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

A microphone/speaker combination for meetings that picks up sound from a wide area and facilitates two-way conversations with high-quality audio


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

Smaller and simpler-the definitive Web conference microphone speaker

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