Mizuho Bank, Ltd

Mizuho Bank, Ltd

PJP-10UR:About 260 units
Oct. 2011 to Mar. 2013
The units were installed in about 260 sales offices and at consultation desks in 11 locations, which were connected by the Remote Teller System jointly developed with GLORY LTD. to integrate the home-loan processing and consultation operations into our network. The voice portion of this system used Yamaha's PJP-10UR Conference Speakerphone.
Company Profile (as of July 1, 2013)
July 1, 2013
¥1.4 trillion
Head office:
1-3-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Integrating teleconferencing systems used for home-loan processing and consultations into networks.
PJP-10UR achieved clear, effective, distraction-free teleconferencing

Background to the adoption of PJP models

Using teleconferencing to improve convenience for clients and to streamline operations.

  • Expert loan officers give highly personalized service.
  • Improved productivity through increased efficiency in loan operations.

Mizuho Bank established Loan Consultation Squares (LCSs) exclusively to process transactions and provide consultation. LCSs are also open weekday evenings and weekends for customers inquiring about or applying for home loans, to increase convenience for customers and to centralize loan operations that had been conducted at each branch. This was intended to increase the efficiency of bank services. As part of the project to establish the LCS, we developed the Remote Teller System teleconferencing system jointly with GLORY LTD. This system now connects 260 branches with 11 LCS locations and has become an indispensable tool for loan operations. Our objective was to create a seamless communications environment that would provide the same level of service that customers would receive if they were dealing directly with local bank staff. The most important component in such as system is therefore the speakerphone, and in this case the Yamaha PJP-10UR was used.

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Results of the adoption of PJP models

Both customers and bank staff applaud the system, usability and convenience have been improved, the system has been expanded to include more locations, and new applications are being developed.

  • Indispensable for loan processing and consultation.
  • The expansion of available locations.
  • New applications are being developed that utilize unique system characteristics.

The Remote Teller System, which uses the PJP-10UR, is an effective solution for both improving customer convenience and making bank operations more efficient, and has been well received by both customers and bank staff alike. We plan to continually upgrade the system to further improve usability and increase the number of LCSs to relieve LCS congestion (LCS busy state). Because the system has general applications and is not customized for one specific use, we will explore the possibilities of expanding the system for other types of consultations and work to develop new applications.

More than 260 branches use PJP-10UR on teleconferencing connections to allow natural conversations that are almost like being at a branch in person. This has increased convenience for customers, and boosted the efficiency of bank operations.

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The customer's voice

PJP-10UR has become an indispensable tool at Mizuho Bank.
Both customers and bank staff alike are overjoyed.

Yusuke HamanoMizuho Financial Group, Inc.
Operations Planning Division, Senior Manager
Yusuke Hamano

When developing the Remote Teller System, we thought it important to have the best audio and video quality so that customers feel very comfortable and natural when using it. We devoted a great deal of time to selecting the speakerphone with the highest audio quality, and we examined and compared many different models. We finally decided on the Yamaha PJP-10UR. The PJP-10UR is free from echo and feedback, and we are very satisfied with it. Although some of us were initially unsure whether the PJP-10UR would be satisfactory for processing and consultations via video conferencing, the amazing audio quality makes it very effective.

Naohiko MannoMizuho Financial Group, Inc.
Operations Planning Division, Manager
Naohiko Manno

We were very focused on the usability of the Remote Teller System, as well as the picture quality and sound quality, and we plan to upgrade it on an ongoing basis to further improve convenience and usability. The system configuration itself is rather simple, which makes it very versatile, so we think there will be many new applications for it in the future beyond loan operations, such as branch training and information sharing, or any two-way communication application.

Mizuho Bank's Remote Teller System Concept

The branch systems consist of a large touch-panel display, high-quality speakerphone (PJP-10UR), high-resolution web camera, standing scanner, and color printer. The LCS adds a touch pen and a headset to this configuration
In addition to high-quality audio and video providing smooth two-way communication, pamphlets and applications can be scanned and displayed on screen, while the touch pen can be used as a pointer. Both sides can print out documents, which enables customers to bring documents home and allows the LCS to print and save signed documents.

Sales partner's voice

We value Yamaha's PJP-10UR
for its stable, high-quality audio

Katsuhiro TenshinGLORY LTD.
Financial Sales Division, Financial Sales Group
Sales Group 1, Assistant Manager
Katsuhiro Amatsu

When developing the Remote Teller System with Mizuho, we were particularly conscious of system reliability and stability. Mizuho's primary requirement was that customers and bank staff be able to hold comfortable, natural conversations, and we put all our efforts into seeing how stably we could achieve this. The Yamaha PJP-10UR was the perfect device for this objective. Yamaha's acoustic technology made this goal a daily reality, and I really value this product.

Product Lineup


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Personal pocket size Web conference microphone speaker

(published in September 2013)

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