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Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Models installed
Date of installation
February 2007
Basic Configuration
LiveOn Intrapack Version, ASP Version and Peripheral Equipment
Corporate overview
Life Insurance
March, 1927
7,001,681,000,000 Yen (As of March 31, 2012)
12,105 (In-house: 3573) (As of March 31, 2012)
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The PJP-50USB and PJP-20UR link numerous branch offices nationwide, reducing losses incurred by gathering staff for conferences, and promoting active online training.

Background to the adoption of PJP models

Connecting sites spread across the country online.

  • Education of sales staff spread across the country
  • Anxiety about equipment failure and sound quality
  • Losses resulting from traveling time due to the dispersion of head offices

Mitsui Seimei installed Japan Media Systems Co., Ltd.'s "LiveOn" Web conferencing system in February 2007 to connect branch office sales departments and the head office for various education and training purposes.
They had initially adopted a foreign-made microphone and speaker system for reasons of cost. However, the high cost burden due to product support termination, frequent failures, and the time and effort required to set the system up on the user side had become a problem. In addition, the head office is spread across multiple locations, with the previous system used for conferences between those multiple locations. As a board member in Osaka was participating in the board meetings using the "LiveOn" system, Mitsui Seimei wanted equipment with a high degree of reliability in picking up sounds so they could be sure of what was being said.

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Reasons for selecting the PJP models

It is a 'plug-and-play' system with reliable high-quality sound

  • Can be used immediately by connecting to the conferencing system
  • No problems with malfunctions or voice quality
  • Voice is properly captured and transmitted

Mitsui Seimei chose to install Yamaha's PJP Series because it was the peripheral equipment recommended by Japan Media Systems Co., Ltd. for "LiveOn." PJP Series products are recognized automatically when connected to a PC on which "LiveOn" is installed. They can then be used without further configuration, which means a means a simple guide can be distributed to users, allowing people not familiar with IT to connect and use PJP Series products easily, which was an important point in selection.
An additional advantage was the superior voice transmission quality provided by the three directional microphones on the PJP Series, allowing users to concentrate on meetings or training sessions with less stress. The equipment failures experienced with the foreign-made products used to date are no longer an issue, and because the support cost burden is also reduced, these foreign-made products are being sequentially replaced by the PJP-20UR.

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Results for the adoption of PJP models

It is used by many people every day, from training to board meetings.

  • Meetings can be held without loss from travel time
  • Enhanced quality and quantity of online training
  • Support calls are reduced due to ease-of-use

Four PJP-50USB devices are currently installed in the boardroom in the Otemachi head office. They are also used for board meetings that include a director from Osaka, and connect the boardrooms in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, leading to a reduction in time and cost of staff travel. Over 100 PJP-20UR devices have been installed in branch and sales offices, and training sessions are held almost every day using the "LiveOn" network for sales staff in remote areas who have difficulty traveling to and from the branch offices. Training makes good use of the sound quality offered, and using the "LiveOn" network allows students and instructors to have two-way conversations, enabling active learning.
The systems department is responsible for all support and purchasing activities, and since the switch to PJP, incidences of malfunctions or problems with installations have all but ceased, and the time and effort required for support has been reduced. Mitsui Seimei is considering introducing the system nationwide in the future, while taking budgetary factors into consideration.

A view of the head office boardroom where four PJP-50USB units and a video camera connected to a PC for "LiveOn" use are installed.

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Making use of the "LiveOn" Web conferencing system using the "PJP-50USB" and “PJP-20UR” models.
Connecting branches nationwide to make lively meetings and education in comfort a reality.

Customer Comments

Stress-free nationwide distribution with good voice quality over the web, few incidents of malfunction, and simple installation when combined with LiveOn.

Mr. Shuichi TamechikaMr. Shuichi Tamechika
System Planning Department
System Planning Group, Assistant to Director
Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

We have introduced the PJP series together with Japan Media Systems Co., Ltd.'s "LiveOn" network system for online training of sales staff, and we are also currently using it for board meetings. We have four PJP-50USB units in our head office boardroom, and our branch offices and sales department are using the PJP-20UR. In addition, we have connected several PJP-20UR devices in our larger meeting rooms. Combining the PJP series and the "LiveOn" network system allows us to use the system without configuration, which means that it can be distributed to local areas without worry. Although we had audio trouble with the previous system, which meant that voices could not be heard clearly, these problems have, been reduced since we switched to the PJP-20U. The tri-directional microphones have improved audio quality and voices are now clearly audible, which gives us peace of mind.

Reliable enough for use in senior management meetings, reducing the need for staff travel.

Mr. Ippei ItakuraMr. Ippei Itakura
Planning Department, Second Planning Group Deputy Chief of Staff Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

We installed the PJP-50USB and the "LiveOn" network system in our boardrooms in Osaka, so that our board members in Osaka are able to participate in meetings remotely. In addition, we now use the system in directors' meeting rooms in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. This reduces the time and effort required for staff movement, and we are now able to hold our meetings with greater ease. Although it would be problematic if board members were unable to hear each other during meetings, the voice quality and reliability of the PJP series gives us peace of mind.

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Product Lineup


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

Wide-range web conferencing system with a highly directional microphone enabling high quality, two-way communication.


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

More compact, simplified web conferencing solution. This is the choice for a web conference microphone and speaker system.

(published in May 2014)

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