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Introductory Overview

Model Installed
YVC-1000: 1 unit
Date Installed
July 2014
Basic Configuration
Integrated with Lync®, a comprehensive communications system provided by Microsoft Japan. Used in many ways, including for meetings that bring together executives of ten different divisions around the country. The high-quality audio allows for teleconferencing in which all attendees, even those at the remote headquarters, feel as though they are all in the same room.

Integrated with Microsoft® Lync® and with high-quality audio that make everyone, even on large teleconferences, feel as if they are in the same room!

Background to installing YVC-1000

Big meetings need microphones and speakers that can handle meeting environments.

  • Early adopter of teleconference systems
  • Using the PJP series of microphones and speakers
  • Next step is rolling this out to meetings with large numbers of attendees

Canon System and Support (SAS) provides various IT devices and solutions with a focus on Canon products, in order to provide an efficient and pleasant office environment to customers. With roughly 200 locations around Japan, the company's operations seamlessly combine sales, service, and support, providing everything from consulting through to installation, support, and maintenance services as an all-in-one services provider. SAS was quick to adopt video and online teleconferencing systems, and the company chose Yamaha's PJP series of microphones and speakers at an early stage. However, in meetings with more than 30 attendees at the headquarters, SAS discovered that they had to link together multiple microphones for better pickup, and this became an issue. Yamaha's YVC-1000 resolves this. These microphones and speakers combine the best of Yamaha's acoustic technology, allowing large-scale meetings to run more smoothly.

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Reason for selecting YVC-1000

Excellent sound quality, extensibility, and ease of use, and a strong reputation

  • Using Lync® as the communications platform
  • Excellent pickup, audio quality, and volume suited to large meetings
  • Very easy to use, thanks to automatic acoustic optimization and other features

SAS rolled out Microsoft's Lync® communications system company-wide in February 2014. Lync® is an integrated communications platform, with features such as online teleconferencing, presence notifications, instant messaging, and screen sharing. SAS holds many different kinds of online teleconferences, including meetings between executives at the headquarters and at the company's ten division offices around the country, meetings among the heads of sales at all divisions, and new-product training sessions with more than 100 participants. SAS chose the YVC-1000 because the company was able to achieve sufficient audio pickup by linking multiple microphones, as well as superior volume and audio quality, even with large online Lync® meetings with many attendees at the headquarters. In addition to the favorable reputation of the previously utilized PJP series, the new system gained high marks for its extremely easy-to-use automatic sound optimization features and for its extensibility, which allows its use in a broad array of applications.

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Results of introducing the YVC-1000

Teleconferencing that combines the performance of Lync® and YVC-1000

  • Allows for extremely smooth-running nationwide meetings
  • Actively rolling out the system to exhibitions and events
  • Next-gen teleconferencing

Combining Lync® and YVC-1000 has allowed SAS to hold smoother running large-scale meetings. When 30 or more people participate from the headquarters, the YVC-1000 unit and two microphones make it possible to hold teleconferences with high-quality audio that make all attendees feel as if they were in the same room. The ten division offices around Japan are tied together using Lync®, allowing users to participate in meetings via their PCs or mobile devices, with seamless integration with Outlook® for more effective and efficient meetings. SAS plans to actively roll out a teleconferencing system for use in future Canon product exhibitions and events, based on the Microsoft® Office 365® cloud service and combining Lync® and other online teleconferencing systems with the YVC-1000. The release of the YVC-1000 has brought teleconferencing into the next generation.

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Customer Comments

Mr.Tomotaka Makino

Once you've used the YVC-1000, you'll love its high-quality audio.

Mr.Tomotaka Makino (IT Product Planning Group, Group Manager)
IT Solutions Planning Department, ITS Support Promotion Division, Canon System & Support Inc.

Yamaha's audio products are probably best known for their solid reliability. The PJP-10UR and PJP-20UR that we used previously at SAS both had extremely good reputations. The YVC-1000, allowing us to link together five microphones, is a very good product for the large-scale meetings we hold. Yamaha's microphones and speakers have extremely good audio quality, and once you use them, you won't want to use anything else.

Mr.Shinji Hoshiai

This system neatly resolves the issues encountered in teleconferences with lots of attendees.

Mr.Shinji Hoshiai (IT Product Planning Group, Group Lead)
IT Solutions Planning Department, ITS Support Promotion Division, Canon System & Support Inc.

Lync® has many different characteristics, but one of its key features is smooth integration with Outlook®, allowing for extremely efficient communications within the company. Users can check other users' online presence and communicate without needing to start up any online teleconferencing system. In the past, big meetings in big meeting rooms led to issues with microphones and speakers not having enough pickup or insufficient audio quality, and the YVC-1000 neatly resolves these issues.

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Canon System and Support's Teleconferencing System
(For ITS Support Promotion Division executive meetings)

  • Thirty or more meeting participants at the headquarters are seated in a semicircle. One YVC-1000 unit is set up in the center, connected to two microphones.
  • At each of ten other offices around the country, one to three additional attendees participate via Lync®. A single remote user might use the microphone and speaker on his or her PC, while multiple remote users might make use of a PJP-10UR or PJP-20UR.

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Canon System & Support Inc. Company Overview

May 1980
¥4,561mn (as of Dec 2013)
¥114.8bn (as of FY12/2013)
5,340 (as of Dec 2013)
Business areas:
Consulting, sales, office setup / networking, and service and support for products and solutions manufactured by the Canon Group and others.

Product Lineup


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

Separate microphone and speaker for an intimate audio/video experience.


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

The PJP-20UR is a Web conference microphone speaker with a built-in high performance echo canceller. Just connect it to a PC with a USB cable, and experience smooth, hands-free communication with no cut-outs or echo.


[USB Conference Speakerphone]

Personal pocket size Web conference microphone speaker.

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(published in March 2015)

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