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Integrating the Projectphone with Web conferencing/softphones

PJP-10UR, PJP-20UR, PJP-25UR, PJP-50USB are conference microphone speakers that leverage Yamaha technology to create a conference experience that is easy on both listeners and talkers. They can be used out of the box as high fidelity microphone speakers by connecting them to any PC with a USB cable. Using the PJP-10UR/PJP-20UR/PJP-25UR/PJP-50USB for Web conferencing or with softphones allows smooth multiperson response without headsets. Alternatively, you can also connect the PJP-50R IP Audio Conference System to a PC as a microphone speaker using audio cables.


*Add to an existing Web conference system to enable multipoint, multiperson conferencing.


PJP-10UR Product infomation page

Personal pocket size Web conference microphone speaker

Microphones 4 Speakers 2 Pickup range Recommended:0.5m,Max:1m Max. volume	80 dB



PJP-20UR Product infomation page

Smaller and simpler—the definitive Web conference microphone speaker

Microphones 3 Speakers 1 Pickup range Recommended:1.5m,Max:3m Max. volume	85 dB



PJP-25UR Product infomation page

The PJP-25UR is a conference microphone speaker that suitable for a smaller group. In addition to its compact and lightweight body, it runs on USB bus power and connects easily to a PC via USB cable.

Microphones 12 Speakers 2 Pickup range Recommended	1.5 m,Max.3 m Max. volume 90 dB



PJP-50R Product infomation page

The PJP-50R is an IP audio conference system with built-in communication functions, but can also be used as a microphone speaker for Web conferencing and other uses by connecting to a PC.

Microphones 16 Speakers 4 Pickup range Recommended	2 m,Max.5 m Max. volume 85 dB




Enables smooth multiperson remote conferences


Combining the Projectphone with Web conferencing or softphones is one of the most effective audio solutions for remote conference systems. By using a Projectphone with its built-in high performance echo canceller as a microphone speaker, you can hold group meetings via your Web conference system.


No cumbersome headsets required

Using a headset for remote conferencing puts a direct strain on the ears and can be tiring after extended use. The Projectphone frees you from headsets and improves productivity by allowing you to speak as naturally during multiperson conferences as you would during in-person conferences. Also, those with eyewear or who are concerned about their hair may feel anxious about wearing headsets, but with the Projectphone they can relax.



Turns Web conferences into video conferences

A key feature of the PJP is that you can combine it with a large-screen display and a camera to use your Web conference system as a video conference system. With its high performance pickup and playback, the Projectphone provides a conferencing experience comparable to dedicated video conference systems that is easy on both the listeners and talkers.



Smooth conversations without echo and audio cut-out

If you attempt a Web conference simply by connecting any microphone speaker to a PC, sound from the speaker feeds back into the microphones resulting in echo. But the PJP's echo canceller can identify and cancel any feedback from its own speakers so that no echo occurs. Note that this is not simply echo suppression in which the unit turns off its own microphones during playback from the speakers. Rather, the microphones are always ON and able to pick up ambient sounds, thus enabling smooth two-way simultaneous conversations.

 Yamaha technology



No fatigue even after long meetings

The "echo suppression method" in which the microphone gain levels are lowered during audio playback to avoid echo has been the most common method employed by conventional compact conference microphone speakers. However, this method has some drawbacks in that participants cannot talk simultaneously, and the beginnings of utterances tend to get cut off. Also, hand-held microphones have to be passed back and forth, reducing opportunities to speak — this causes stress and fatigue over the course of long meetings. The Projectphone solves all of these problems at once, making remote conferencing natural and smooth.


Sets up easily with a USB plug-and-play connection


The PJP-100UH, PJP-50USB and PJP-25UR support standard Windows drivers—no new software (drivers, applications, etc.) to install. When connected with a USB cable, you can use the PJP immediately as a microphone speaker. And because it includes audio terminals, you can even use it for PCs in the company that are not equipped with USB ports.


Conference microphone speakers help businesses

Improves business productivity

Easy, multiperson remote conferencing anytime, anywhere.

Integrating the Projectphone with a Web conference system, you can easily hold conferences with remote locations anytime, anywhere. This instantly eliminates the inconvenience of fixed video conference rooms that require reservations and scheduling. Given the increased importance of work coordination when team members are spread across multiple locations, business productivity can be dramatically increased through real-time information sharing and communication.


Increases effective working hours

Reduces time spent moving between business venues and makes business trips more productive.

By setting up a remote conference system that combines Web conferencing with the Projectphone, it is now possible to resolve issues and complete tasks in a Web conference that previously demanded a business trip. You can now reduce time spent moving between business venues, and increase effective working hours.
Of course, Web conferencing will never completely take the place of face-to-face interaction, but if details can be worked out in a Web conference before in-person meetings, you can reduce the number of such meetings while increasing their productivity. Also, business trips sometimes involve a large number of people because talks often cannot progress without all of the principle parties. One solution is to send one person to the meeting and have the principles appear via Web conference only when necessary. This cuts down on the frequency of business trips, improves efficiency, and raises productivity.



Enables conferencing when working at home or on business trips

Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere.

The PJP-25UR conceals itself neatly in a B5-size laptop bag, and weighs a mere 570 grams. With its portable size, you can even join Web conferences while out on business trips. Or, you can create a smooth, hands-free working environment in a home office by combining the PJP with a softphone or Web conference system.


Cuts costs

Reduces travel, personnel, and other expenses.

By introducing Web conferencing and the Projectphone into your company, business trip expenses (including related incidental and latent costs) are significantly reduced.


Reduces business trip CO2 emissions

Environmentally responsible companies are placing priority on CO2 reductions.

When business trip frequency is lowered through Web conferencing and the Projectphone, the amount of CO2 emitted through transportation is also greatly reduced. Thus, the PJP not only increases business efficiency and cuts travel costs, it also makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.


Effective for contingency planning and risk management

Utilize the PJP as an effective backup tool for your phone line, and for remote conferencing when trouble occurs.

The PJP is even useful during accidents and disasters, coming in handy to support multilocation remote conferences as a backup system when phone lines go down, or when holding emergency meetings with remote locations during a crisis. It's also a very useful tool from the point of view of risk management, because it facilitates coordination with remote locations when employees are injured or sick and have difficulties moving between sites.


How Web Conferencing Works

Types of Web conferencing


ASP is a third-party server technology that can be used for connecting PCs. It requires no additional client software and is easy to use. Usually, it is implemented with a Web browser as its platform. Users only need to connect their PC to the Internet to access the server from anywhere, therefore it offers excellent connectivity and is relatively easy to introduce into the workplace.


Proprietary server

This type relies on a dedicated server assembled in house. Because the server is built within the company, this is the ideal type when customization is needed. It is also valuable in cases when company regulations prevent uploading of information to servers outside the company. If servers are built to allow access from outside the company, they must be built with robust security measures.



This type of conferencing requires installing dedicated software on the PC. It either involves communications through a server, or directly from PC to PC. Because it uses dedicated software, it can often provide stability even when the network bandwidth is low.



Why use a Web conference system?


The main feature of Web conference systems is that they allow sharing of information via PCs, such as presentations, product photos, dynamic images (movies) such as on DVDs, and computer program screens. It can greatly improve your company's productivity because you can hold conferences and work collaboratively with remote locations simply by connecting to a network with a PC, headset, and microphone speaker.


Typical examples

Attend Web conferences right from your desk


Connect a Web camera and headset to the PC at your desk. This lets you easily work together with people at remote locations.

Easily hold Web conferences with multiple participants


You can easily conduct meetings with multiple persons in your company's meeting areas or conference rooms. All you need is a PC, Web camera, and a microphone speaker (such as the PJP-25UR).

Hold major video conferences in conference rooms


Web conferences can be attended by many participants when you integrate the Projectphone with your Web conference system. Also, when combined with a high-resolution Web camera or large-screen TV/monitor, it can double as a video conference system.

Attend Web conferences from outside the company


As long as a network is available, you can join Web conferences from just about anywhere, such as a hotel while out on the road, or in a home office.


Video conferencing vs. Web conferencing

As a general term, a video conference system is one in which images and sound are exchanged through a display, enabling real-time communications with a remote location. It offers many benefits, including lowering business trip–related time and costs, making conferences happen in real time, and speeding up decision-making in meetings. Video conference systems come in two types: the first type is the standard video conference in which a dedicated terminal is installed in a conference room; and the second type is a Web conference in which headphones or microphone speakers are added to a PC and a camera. The following lists the various characteristics of video conferences and Web conferences.

Video conference systems

  • Installed in conference rooms. Enables group meetings with multiple participants.
  • Allows for mutual exchange of stable, high-quality images and sound.
  • In most cases, requires a dedicated line apart from the existing network.
  • Dedicated specifically for conferencing, a video conference system that delivers clear, high-resolution images is ideal. Also ideal for cases where realistic face-to-face communications are critical, such as for meetings with clients.

Web conference systems

  • A Web camera and headset/microphone speaker is connected to a PC, and communication takes place via a LAN or the Internet.
  • Because no expensive dedicated terminal nor particularly high bandwidth is required, it can be implemented and operated at low cost.
  • Web conference systems are best for collaborations and joint projects with remote locations such as those that involve sharing files and viewing one another's PC screens.
  • With conventional Web conference systems, individual participants sit at their PCs with headsets to increase efficiency by sharing materials and working collaboratively. But by using Yamaha's conference microphone speaker you can use your Web conference system like a video conference system thus greatly expanding its utility.


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