Yamaha to Begin Commemoration of Its 125th Year of Operations in October 2012

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Hamamatsu, Japan - October 2012 will mark the 125th year since Yamaha, one of the world's leading musical instruments companies, based in Japan, commenced operations in 1887. Yamaha Corporation and its other group companies will begin a year of commemoration of the parent company's 125th anniversary on October 1, 2012. For the occasion, Yamaha has adopted a new commemorative logo mark and slogan and will begin a year of various events and other activities as expressions of thanks to its many customers around the world over the years. These events will include launches of major new models as well as the planning and presenting of activities to mark its 125th anniversary.

The logo mark and slogan commemorating Yamaha's 125th anniversary as well as the planned events and activities that have been decided thus far:

1. Logo Mark and Slogan Commemorating Yamaha's 125th Anniversary

Logo Mark:

Logo Mark

The commemorative logo mark was designed by Neville Brody.
"Geometric approach reflects pure design aspect of Yamaha's products. Modular building blocks represent all different facets of Yamaha through the ages. The design also gives a feeling and suggestions of piano keys, lines on a musical score, rhythm and harmony."

Neville Brody

Neville Brody
Representative of Research Studios, London, U.K.
Head of the Communication Art & Design Department
at the Royal College of Art (RCA),
and President of D&AD (beginning in September 2012)



Yamaha's products and services always reflect player's "Passion & Performance."
The consistent activities prove Yamaha's own "Passion & Performance" as well.

As an expression of thanks to our valued customers, the commemorative logo mark and slogan will be displayed around the world in our product exhibits, events, advertisements, websites, and elsewhere for a one-year period beginning in October 2012.

2. Launching of Major New Models

During the commemorative year, Yamaha will introduce major new models that draw fully on its experience and know-how.

3. Presenting of Various Events

Commemorative plans and events will be announced on Yamaha's websites as soon as they are finalized. You can find the Yamaha website for your country on "Select Your Country" page.

About Yamaha Corporation

The development that led to the eventual establishment of Yamaha was when Torakusu Yamaha fixed a reed organ that had fallen into disrepair at Hamamatsu Elementary School (current address: Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture). Thereafter, Yamaha offered a range of products and services, mainly related to musical instruments. Today, Yamaha has expanded its business activities throughout the world with the corporate objective of “CREATING ‘KANDO’ TOGETHER.”

Yamaha Corporation has specified the year 1887, when Torakusu Yamaha built his first organ, as the date of its commencement of operations, and the name of the company and trademark go back to the surname of the founder. Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd., the predecessor company of today's Yamaha, was established on October 12, 1897. The name of Nippon Gakki was changed to today's company name, Yamaha Corporation, on October 1, 1987, marking the 100th anniversary since operations began.

For more information, please visit: http://www.yamaha.com/about_yamaha/corporate/

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