Yamaha Announces Lawsuit Filings

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Yamaha Corporation (hereinafter, Yamaha) filed lawsuits against Axell Corporation (headquarters: 14-1, Soto-Kanda 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter, Axell) on April 14, 2010, on the grounds of patent infringement. The lawsuits were filed in the Tokyo District Court and alleged that Axell’s sound LSI*1 and multifunctional LSI*2 infringe on five Japanese patents*3 owned by Yamaha for sound data reproduction and synthesizing technologies. The lawsuits request a court order prohibiting Axell from manufacturing and sales of these devices and payment of damages. The five patents were divided into two groups that are technologically related, and separate lawsuits were filed for the infringement of these two groups of patents.

Yamaha has endeavored to settle this matter amicably through discussions with Axell, but, since no settlement has been reached, Yamaha has decided to take legal action.

Yamaha regards intellectual property as valuable assets, and, going forward, will take a strict stand against activities that infringe on its intellectual property and take measures to protect such property.


*1.Sound LSIs are LSIs that perform the function of reproducing compressed sound data.
*2.Multifunctional LSIs are LSIs that integrate sound functions and graphic functions.
*3.Patents covered by the lawsuits
Lawsuit 1:
Patent numbers 2943636, 2734323, and 3918826
(Patents related to data formats and sound reproduction methods for compressed sound data)
Lawsuit 2:
Patent numbers 3003559 and 3097534
(Patents related to improving the efficiency of computational processing of sound data synthesis based on computational processes)

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