Notice of the Dissolution of a Dormant Company in the United Kingdom

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Yamaha Corporation announces that its Board of Directors decided today to dissolve Yamaha Electronics (U.K.) Ltd. (hereinafter YEUK; Representative: Andrew Kemble; Location: Watford, U.K.), a dormant sales company for audio visual (AV) equipment.

YEUK was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation to market AV equipment in the United Kingdom in 1986. This past June, Yamaha integrated all its musical instruments and AV equipment sales in Europe. As part of this integration, the operations of YEUK were transferred to Yamaha Music UK Ltd. (YMUK), a sales company for musical instruments and AV equipment, and YEUK became a dormant company. As a result of today’s decision by the Yamaha Board of Directors, procedures for dissolution of YEUK will begin.

Please note that expenses associated with the dissolution will be minor and that the dissolution will not have a material impact on Yamaha’s consolidated financial results.

1.Outline of Company to Be Dissolved

Company nameYamaha Electronics (U.K.) Ltd. (YEUK)
LocationWatford, U.K.
RepresentativeAndrew Kemble
Paid-in capital£1 million (100% invested by Yamaha Corporation)
Lines of businessImporting and selling of AV equipment
Date of establishmentJanuary 1, 1986

2.Schedule for the Dissolution

Date of suspension of operationsHas been dormant since June 2008
Date for completion of dissolutionScheduled for 2010

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