Update on Acquisition of Own Shares: Acquisition Completed

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Acquisition of own shares under the provisions of Yamaha’s Articles of Incorporation, pursuant to Article 165-2 of the Corporation Law of Japa

Yamaha Corporation had been conducting the acquisition of its own shares, as described below, under Article 156 of the Corporation Law of Japan, as applied pursuant to Article 165-3 of the said Corporation Law.

Please note that Yamaha has now completed the acquisition of its own shares as approved by its Board of Directors on April 30, 2008. The details of the most recent acquisition are as follows.

Period for the share acquisitionJune 1, 2008, to June 6, 2008
Total number of shares acquired1,470,900 shares
Total amount of shares acquired¥3,078,071,500
Method of acquisitionMarket purchases on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Supplementary Information:

(1) Content of the Board of Directors’ decisions on April 30, 2008, regarding the acquisition of the Company’s own shares

Class of shares to be acquiredYamaha’s common shares
Total number of shares to be acquired10 million (upper limit)

(This represents 4.8% of all Company shares issued and outstanding (excluding treasury stock).)

Total amount of shares to be acquired¥18.0 billion (upper limit)
Period for the share acquisitionMay 1, 2008, to September 30, 2008

(2) Total number and amount of own shares purchased to date under the April 20, 2008, decisions of the Board of Directors

Total number of shares acquired9,033,800 shares
Total amount of shares acquired¥17,999,998,700

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