Free Distribution of Labelflash Photo Labeler Software (Japanese Version) to Begin

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Using Labelflash™ technology, software has been developed that makes it easy to use templates to design and print labels with photographs on specially made DVD discs.

— Download from Labelflash’s official Web site beginning April 25, 2008

Example of label made using Labelflash Photo Labeler

Example of label made using Labelflash Photo Labeler

Yamaha Corporation (Head Office: 10-1, Nakazawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka; President: Mitsuru Umemura; hereinafter: Yamaha), working together with FUJIFILM Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter: Fujifilm), has developed LabelflashTM Photo Labeler software using Labelflash technology for easily printing display labels containing photographs on specially made DVD disc using templates. Free distribution of this Labelflash Photo Labeler software will begin from Labelflash’s official Web site on April 25, 2008. The site may be accessed at the following URL: The English version is expected to become available in a few months.

Labelflash technology is a laser-based imaging technology developed jointly by Yamaha and Fujifilm. Images are printed using Labelflash compatible recording DVD drives and DVD discs that have been coated with specially made dye on the label side. Using the same laser as that used for data recording, Labelflash makes it possible to print images on the label side of the disc. It is unnecessary to use a printer, ink, or other supplies, and Labelflash produces high-resolution, high-contrast monochrome images using only a DVD drive and specially made DVD discs. Since its announcement in October 2005, Labelflash technology has been adopted by hardware and software vendors around the world. Beginning in 2007, Labelflash drives have been installed as standard items on PCs for general users, and they are coming into wide use.

To provide support for users, beginning in February 2007, Labelflash Index Maker software, which can read information on discs, lay it out automatically, and easily provide an index of titles, has been made available through free downloads. To date, this software has been downloaded by users about 100,000 times.

Labelflash Photo Labeler, which will become available for downloading on April 25, 2008, will be the second in this software series, following Labelflash Index Maker. Labelflash Photo Labeler will include templates and allow users to add photographic images easily to display labels by performing a few intuitive steps.

Further details on Labelflash Photo Labeler are as follows:

Principal Features of Labelflash Photo Labeler

1.All users have to do is to choose a template and a photograph.

Users can select the templates they like from a wide range of choices and, by dragging and dropping a photograph in the specified space on the template, can add photographic images to their disc labels. Titles, memoranda, and other text can also be added easily.

2.Photo image size and positioning of photos can be changed at will.

By dragging the photographic image on the display screen, image size and position can be adjusted easily. Users can also confirm the appearance of the labels as they make adjustments.

3.Users can adjust image contrast and printing time.

As with photo retouching software, users can adjust the contrast of their images and create labels that match their specific needs and tastes. In addition, the printing time can also be adjusted. (The longer the printing time, the finer the resolution of the image. For a simple design, printing takes between five and six minutes. For a finer photographic image, about 20 minutes is necessary.)

4.Users can choose from a broad range of 30 templates, and we are scheduled to provide an even wider variety.

The current software contains 30 templates to choose from to match the content of the discs to be labeled, and users can choose the templates they prefer. In addition, we will gradually be making additional templates available on our Web site; these will be available without charge.


Compatible Operating Systems
Operating systems (OS) compatible with the Labelflash Photo Labeler are Windows Vista® SP1, Windows® XP SP2, and Windows® 2000 SP4.

Since its announcement in October 2005, Labelflash technology has rapidly come into wide use and today has been adopted by many DVD drive hardware vendors and software vendors. The accumulated number of compatible drives is over eight million.

Yamaha and Fujifilm plan to continue to expand the use of Labelflash technology and develop new related software.

Additional Information

More on Labelflash

Labelflash technology makes it possible to print images and alphanumeric information in various gradations on the label side of DVD discs that have an inner coating of specially made dye, using the laser beam generated by optical pick-up of Labelflash compatible drive.

While disc labels that have been printed on ink-jet printers are subject to deterioration in quality due to accumulation of dirt and scratches as well as blurring and fading, the Labelflash system has been set to print images 0.6mm below the surface of the label, so the image layer does not come into contact with the surrounding environment. Moreover, the dye used in the image layer have superior durability, thus making them significantly longer-lasting.

About the Official Web Site of Labelflash

The official Labelflash Web site ( contains further information on the use of Labelflash technology and explanations of products in various languages. Also, to respond to the desire of users to “print titles easily and clearly,” users can download Labelflash Index Maker software as well as take advantage of a template downloading service.

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