Reaching New Heights: Yamaha Unveils Custom Eb/D Trumpet
— Yamaha and John Hagstrom Develop Trumpet With Heightened Flexibility and Response —
ANAHEIM, Calif. — Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, introduces the YTR-9636 custom trumpet in the key of D/Eb, developed in cooperation with Yamaha trumpet artist John Hagstrom of The Chicago Symphony. The horn will make its Winter NAMM 2009 debut as part of the Yamaha Band & Orchestral Division exhibition.

YTR-9636 Custom Trumpet
YTR-9636 Custom Trumpet
The YTR-9636 shares many of the attributes of the groundbreaking Yamaha Artist Model series Bb and C trumpets, including a French bead bell rim with low dome wire that improves sound projection due to the sharper rim edge. The new horn, however, features a number of specialized design features, including a unique "S" shape leadpipe configuration, which uses the MC1 leadptipe taper to produce exceptional intonation and response characteristics.

"The attention to detail, playability and overall character of the YTR-9636 sets it apart and distinguishes it as a performance and quality breakthrough," says Kurt Witt, marketing manager, Yamaha Wind Instruments. "In either solo or ensemble situations, this new trumpet offers the flexibility and response to help artists achieve unprecedented heights."

The YTR-9636 trumpet is the continuation of Yamaha's Artist Model series, an instrument line that began with a fundamental reexamination of the ways new instruments are conceived and tested. Each instrument is the result of an extensive collaboration between skilled craftsmen and a prominent musician who provides his or her input on each prototype in the design process.

A January 2009 delivery date is slated for the YTR-9636.

For more information on the Yamaha YTR-9636 trumpet, visit Yamaha Corporation of America at Winter NAMM 2009 in the Marquis Ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott Hotel; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Band & Orchestral Division, Wind Instruments, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail; or visit