Step by Step Instructions for mieRemote

  1. 1.The lastest version of the mieRemote software for iOS requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Tap Settings > General > Software Update to be sure your iPad is up to date.

  2. 2.Tap Settings > General > Auto-Lock and set it to NEVER. This will prevent your iPad from going to sleep and losing the connection with your computer.

3.   Download mieRemote from the iTunes Store (either via the iPad itself or your computer)

Connecting mieRemote (iOS) with MIE (Mac)

  1. 4. Please make sure that both your iPad and your Mac have WiFi turned ON. It is best if both devices are also on the same WiFi network. NOTE: You might need the help of your school technical support as every school is different. iPad: Settings / Mac: System Preferences: Network

  2. 5. Turn Bluetooth ON for both devices as well. (Bluetooth can assist in more easily finding and connecting to your network). iPad: Settings / Mac: System Preferences: Bluetooth

  1. 6.NOTE: mieRemote 3.0 REQUIRES MIE 4.10 or later! Mac: start up the MIE application. - The status of the connection between MIE and mieRemote will appear in the bottom left status bar area.

  2. 7.iPad: start mieRemote. Your Mac and iPad will attempt to connect automatically. When successful, the names of your iPad and Mac will appear in the status bar area.

  3. 8.IF automatic connection does not occur, on the iPad: on mieRemote, tap the ‘setup’ icon

  4. 9.Tap Reset Network & Try Again
    NOTE: Tapping Check Connection Status will display a window showing technical information for the connection between the iPad and the Mac. This is helpful information for technical support.

  1. 10.MIDI Interface Setup: Connect the UX-16 MIDI connections to the Teacher Keyboard MIDI ports. On the UX-16, find the MIDI Connector that has OUT labeled in the vinyl. Insert that into the IN of the Teacher Keyboard. Insert the other connector to the OUT of the Teacher Keyboard. Insert the USB connector into an open USB port ON THE COMPUTER (not on the computer’s keyboard). NOTE: if your system has a different MIDI interface that is already installed, you may continue to use it as it does not need to be replaced in order to use the mieRemote iPad software.

  2. 11.UX-16 Drivers: Download