BODiBEAT Product Overview
BODiBEAT is the ultimate motivator the device intelligently selects and plays songs with beats that match your footsteps.

Load songs into your BODiBEAT like any other portable music player (and/or listen to the thousands of pre-loaded electronic mixes). BODiBEAT selects and plays songs with tempos (beats per minute) that match the steps of your walk or run OR pre-program interval workouts and BODiBEAT will play the right song to keep you on pace.

The unique synchronization technology detects impact (accelerometer-based)
  • Functions during activities such as running and walking
  • BODiBEAT does operate as a traditional portable music player/ heart rate monitor for non-impact activities
Loaded with workout management and tracking features:
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Pace
  • Heart Rate monitor gently clips to your ear