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Born and raised in PR, Tony Escapa was gifted with a natural sense of music. He first picked up a pair of drumsticks at age 10, and the chemistry was immediate. After years of careful study, his father recognized his son's driving talent and dedication and moved with him to the States. As a teenager Tony practiced and studied drums constantly, performing in his high school marching, concert and Jazz bands, and playing in several alternative original bands in the Orlando area. After graduating from high school Tony moved back to PR to immerse himself in its rich music scene, before becoming one of two local recipients to receive a full scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. At Berklee, Tony was chosen to represent the College around the world, and that's when his touring life began. He travelled all over the US, and as far as Japan, and spent the summer time touring with bands including PUYA, Alfredo De La Fe, and Middle Eastern artist Simon Shaheen. After college Tony headed to NYC to become part of one the most important and creative music scenes in the world. Tony was chosen as a Jazz ambassador at the Kennedy Center Of Arts in Washington and traveled to Central and Western Africa with The Rhythm Collective. This quartet, led by Miguel Zenon, shares Africa's influence in the US among other genres including Latin Jazz. With such rich influences, Tony's musical boundaries just kept expanding and in 05 he became Ricky Martin's touring drummer. With Ricky he has toured extensively around the world, performing at the Winter Olympics in Torino, on Oprah, at the Grammy's, and in countless arenas all over the globe. Tony Escapa has also performed and recorded with artist like Al Di Meola, Caribbean Jazz Project, David Sanchez, Steve Jenkins, Dana Leong, Claudia Acuña and was a creative force behind 2 Latin Grammy winning recording with Venezuelan Singer/Songwritter Franco De Vita "En primera fila". Today, Tony is a very important figure in the Music industry and drumming community. In the words of one of his mentors, Jamey Haddad, "Tony not only plays well, he make's the rest of the band sound great"...!

Tony Escapa's Gear
Tony Escapa

Gear List

Yamaha Maple Absolute Drums 10x7.5 Tom 12x8 Tom 13x9 Tom 14x13 Floor Tom 16x15 Floor Tom 18x14 Bass Drum 22x18 Bass Drum