Take 6

Take 6's Biography

In a creative climate populated by here-and-gone 'success' stories and flash-in-the-pan imitators, Take 6 can rightly lay claim to having given the world of contemporary music something truly lasting and uniquely its own. Performing in an all-voice, no instrument 'a capella' format, the six-man group gave the world this bed of head-spinning vocal arrangements and harmonic eloquence on its self-titled 1988 debut recording that had literally never been heard before.

Now with ten albums and a raft of GRAMMY, Soul Train, Dove, and Down Beat Magazine awards to its credit, Take 6 continues to surprise, delight and amaze at every turn with its latest release, Beautiful World...

A mixture of talent, hard work, and unwavering Christian faith has earned Take 6 a place as one of the best-loved groups in both Christian and secular music circles. Anyone trying to break down the absolutely singular Take 6 signature sound would find himself looking at a list that includes gospel, jazz, doo-wop, R&B, pop, 60's soul and hip-hop, and that's just for starters. Take 6 has always been, and remains, one of music's most original, innovative and inimitable vocal ensembles.