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Sean Jones grew up in Warren, Ohio and heard, sang, and played music in church from an early age. He started playing trumpet in the fifth grade, became turned on to jazz through Miles Davis' "Kind Of Blue," and performed both gospel and classical music while in high school. "I knew by that time that I wanted to try to be a professional musician. In high school I started getting jazz gigs in Cleveland, Ohio at the Bop Stop and I played with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. Since then, many musicians have been my angels and encouraged me. Professor William Fielder of Rutgers, an unbelievable person and musician, changed my concept of playing the trumpet. Ralph Peterson, Charles Fambrough, Gerald Wilson, Jon Faddis and Wynton Marsalis have been among those who have inspired and helped me."

Jones earned a degree in classical trumpet performance from Youngstown State University and has since gained his masters from Rutgers University. He teaches at Duquesne University and thus far in his career has worked with the Chico O'Farrill Orchestra, the Gerald Wilson Orchestra, the Illinois Jacquet big band, the Louis Armstrong Legacy Band, Charles Fambrough (being featured on the bassist's "Live At Zanzibar Blue"), Joe Lovano, Tom Harrell, Jon Faddis, Jimmy Heath, Frank Foster, altoist Brad Leali and the International Jazz Quintet, in addition to leading his own groups.

"What I particularly love about jazz is the level of creativity and freedom which I think is unmatched in any other music. With jazz you can almost go wherever you feel like going, no matter what the structure. The freedom in jazz is confined, unspoken structures that we need to adhere to, as in life." With the release of "Eternal Journey," Sean Jones made an impact on jazz and the music world. His original compositions, such as "The Serpent," "John," and "At the Last Minute" proved him to be a savvy if not versatile writer with a gift for penning cogent melodies, intriguing harmonies and elastic rhythms that provide plenty of room for improvisation. "I want the music that is within me to make people feel good. I believe that God gave me that gift and it is my obligation to use it to make other people happy through my music."

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