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Kathleen Riley's Biography

Kathleen Riley, Ph.D. is known nationally as a lecturer and clinician on musicians' technique and injury prevention. She brings over 30 years of piano pedagogy experience, training in biofeedback techniques, and research in biofeedback and music performance with musicians. She has worked with specialists in different retraining therapies and has developed her own method.

Dr. Riley is the Music Performance & Rehabilitation Specialist for the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute and Clinical Director of ProformaVision™. She has been invited to join the team for the first comprehensive, interdisciplinary, medically-based, world-wide performance enhancement and treatment network for musicians based at the Cleveland Clinic.

Her publications appear in Medical Problems of Performing Artists, American Music Teacher, Clavier Companion, MTNA e-journal, and Journal of Technology in Music Learning, along with articles in the New York Times and Scientific American.

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