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Born and raised and currently living in Seattle, Jeff Kashiwa primed himself for his eventual solo career by endearing himself to smooth jazz fans worldwide as a member of The Rippingtons for ten years. In addition to hundreds of gigs at center stage on countless tours, Kashiwa appeared on classic Ripps recordings like Welcome to the St. James Club, Curves Ahead, Weekend in Monaco, Sahara and Black Diamond, as well as Live in L.A. During breaks from the road and studio, he paved the way for later success with his first two solo recordings, Remember Catalina and Walkamile.

Jeff Kashiwa's solo career has been in joyfully frenetic overdrive since the incredible success of Hyde Park (The Ah, Oooh Song), a #1 hit on Radio & Records' airplay chart for over eight weeks in 2000. His native language debut Another Door Opens and its more acoustic-oriented 2002 follow-up Simple Truth established him as one of smooth jazz's most dominant saxophone voices, and he's consistently performed 60-80 shows annually with artists like Joyce Cooling, Chieli Minucci, frequent collaborator and co-producer Chuck Loeb, and currently, as part of the Sax Pack, touring with saxophonists Steve Cole and Kim Waters.

While working on his Bachelors of Music degree at Cal State Long Beach, he hit the road for a while with the ska/reggae/R&B outfit The Untouchables – which played MTV's first Spring Break. Guitarist Richard Smith was a teacher at Long Beach at the time and hired Kashiwa to play with his band and record on his first three albums – the saxman's first professional experience playing smooth jazz.

Kashiwa has donated numerous recordings to charitable causes and his commitment to education has made him a popular clinician at many public schools and universities nationwide. Several years ago, Disney hired him as an alumnus teacher for some of its young band members, and between gigs, he continues his thriving home teaching business, focusing primarily on sax instruction.

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