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Annual Report

Cover Story  PDF PDF(1,877KB/6pages)
To Our Stakeholders  PDF PDF(164KB/2pages)
Our History  PDF PDF(175KB/2pages)
Our Presence  PDF PDF(1,911KB/2pages)
Our Business  PDF PDF(882KB/4pages)
Message from the President  PDF PDF(537KB/8pages)
Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers  PDF PDF(117KB/2pages)
R&D and Intellectual Property  PDF PDF(229KB/2pages)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  PDF PDF(389KB/2pages)
Corporate Governance  PDF PDF(82KB/5pages)
Risk Factors  PDF PDF(52KB/3pages)
Management's Discussion and Analysis  PDF PDF(2,166KB/16pages)
Consolidated Balance Sheet  PDF PDF(44KB/2pages)
Consolidated Statement of Operations  PDF PDF(34KB/1pages)
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income  PDF PDF(34KB/1pages)
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Net Assets  PDF PDF(46KB/2pages)
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows  PDF PDF(35KB/1pages)
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements  PDF PDF(232KB/28pages)
Independent Auditor's Report  PDF PDF(762KB/1pages)
Main Networks  PDF PDF(370KB/2pages)
Investor Information  PDF PDF(150KB/2pages)
Yamaha Product History  PDF PDF(348KB/2pages)

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