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My name is Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Director of Yamaha.

As the first stage in its quantum leap phase for growth, Yamaha Corporation has been taking initiatives under the “Yamaha Management Plan 2016 (YMP2016),” its medium-term management plan commenced on April 1, 2013. In fiscal 2015, the second year of the plan, economic growth in China and other emerging countries slowed due to changes in their market environments. However, we were able to post higher sales in the electronics business domain and bolster our competitiveness by working toward our target of ¥15 billion in cost reductions, all in line with YMP2016 goals. As a result, we achieved year-on-year increases in sales and earnings, with sales, operating income, and the operating income ratio reaching the plan's numerical targets a year ahead of schedule.

Yamaha's more than 125-year history spans over three centuries. In order for the Company to reach the next level of growth, it is imperative for Yamaha to continue to deliver attractive products and services that exceed customer expectations. It is also important to have customers experience the level of satisfaction and excitement that only Yamaha products and services are able to provide. To those ends, I believe it is necessary for us to take on challenges that excite and motivate ourselves as well. Accordingly, we established the Yamaha Philosophy in fiscal 2015 to act as cornerstone by which we can tackle such challenges. The Yamaha Philosophy is a valuable guideline to promoting a workplace environment where all employees are proactive in carrying out their duties and to instilling the belief that every employee has the power to transform Yamaha.

Fiscal 2016, the final year of YMP2016, is a milestone for the Company, as it must produce the results required to accomplish the plan's goals. Guided by our corporate slogan of “Sharing Passion & Performance,” we will leverage the accumulated strengths we have cultivated over our more than 125-year history. With the operating environment changing drastically, future conditions are becoming increasingly difficult to predict. However, it is precisely because of this growing uncertainty that we must give greater priority to boldly taking on new challenges. In doing so, we will actively create new value in our products and services and realize further growth. Please look forward with anticipation to the future of Yamaha.

July 2015
Takuya Nakata
Takuya Nakata
President and Representative Director

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